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Are you loyal?

Loyal and trustworthy are two words that are commonly used interchangeably. A loyal person ought to be trustworthy for he is going to stick around and a trustworthy person is assumed to be loyal because he will always keep anyone’s trust intact. Is it black and white like this and entirely correct though? I wonder.

On more than one instance I’ve come across people who are loyal but not trustworthy and vice versa. It is a matter of circumstance and personal opinion to conclude whether they are right or wrong.

A spouse who continues living in a crumbling marriage, harbouring secret feelings of infidelity but never acting on them. Isn’t this breaking trust in a way? He/she might be loyal but the fact that he/she wants to deviate speaks volumes about his/her trust in the spouse and their relation.

A very close friend who knows you in such detail that you might find it amusing and scary at once. You know that he will keep your darkest secrets close to his heart. Yet, it hurts you to know that he has such kind of an ‘arrangement’ with a dozen other people, and you start wondering if loyalty should be a concern here!

Relationships are becoming increasingly fickle, nowadays. Added to that is the wish to finally accept that our desires don’t always conform with the rules that are set for us by society. In such a situation, shouldn’t we simply concentrate on just being and also letting people be happy, with or without such big words?

6 thoughts on “Are you loyal?

  1. You are right relationship are becoming very fickle.. you never know why or when they will fade away..

    Am I loyal or trustworthy well its more of a question to be asked from the ones who know me.. but then again as you said it all depends on the circumstances for some I am loyal and trustworthy for others I am not.

    I am good for some and bad for others.. that’s who we all are..

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