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Meeting with yourself

It has been quite some time since I spent some leisurely time with this amazing person. She’s a great listener, and from what I’ve experienced, always has something nice to tell me. Though I feel dejected by this, I fear that when we meet again I might not even know where to begin and what we will talk about.

There is too much activity around me right now which is making the singlemost person, that deserves my constant undivided attention, to lose out to everything else: Me! The calming voice inside me is drowning in the cacophony of life’s untuned instruments playing loudly in my ears, without any respite, the whole time.

I’ve always been connected to my inner self through meditation, music, writing, etc. The emotions that I hold back rather firmly from everyone else are taken off my chest only in her company. She has danced with me when I’m elated, has wiped my tears in sadness and has held my hand to comfort me in my low moments.

At a time when my family believes that I have everything going for me, I feel anything but. I don’t know how right it is but the mundaneness and predictability isn’t working for me. I want to believe them but I can’t. Worse, the one person who can give me an honest advice on this is going farther away from me.

I wish I meet her soon. Not some chance encounter, but a heart-to-heart. So Varsh, is it a date?

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