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A Secret Letter

Grown ups are weird. No, make it confused and weird. They speak and behave in such contrasting ways, I sometimes wonder how they don’t observe it themselves! One moment they act all sweet and cuddly and the next moment they become such mean bullies.

Just the other day Mamma was reprimanding Bhaiya for waking me up by playing with his ball right beside me and making noise. She said she’ll send me to my other bhaiya in Pune, when she doesn’t leave me alone even with Papa for more than an hour. Why was she being so mean? Bhaiya cried a lot and promised he’d behave. My poor Bhaiya!

Oh wow! I found the newspaper supplement! I hadn’t had the chance to grab it before. Let me nibble on it before Mamma comes and takes it away from me. Why does she have to stop me from eating it everytime? It tastes so much better than that khichdi and soup thing she gives me. I bet she doesn’t know how yummy this is!

Papa’s no different. Although I like that he’s too naive and falls for my smallest tantrum. Everytime Mamma gives me a massage he says he’s jealous of me and can he have one too! Sometimes I’m not asleep when he thinks I’m sleeping, and I hear him say he wished he could sleep like me. Now, who’s stopping him? I deserve this afterall.

Bhaiya is more in my league. He talks to me a lot, about his studies and friends, even though I don’t understand most of it. He says something about good manners and being a good girl. He’s very happy when Mamma dresses me up in his hand-me-downs. And, I love to bite him even if he complains and kiss him because he likes it a lot.

Ok, I should be fair. Mamma and Papa aren’t a lost cause either. I love it when Mamma puts on songs and all of us dance on them. The way Papa carries me around the home on his shoulders is lovely! He calls me his ‘chota gunda’ everytime I scream my lungs out while playing ball with Bhaiya. He says I have tomboyish traits. I guess it is a good thing, yes?

Oh, I forgot to mention, I can stand with support and am soon going to start walking! Yay! Mamma doesn’t seem to be looking forward to it though. I’ve heard her nag about how I’ll turn the house upside down. I talk a lot but these people can’t decipher me yet. They need time to understand me I think.

Well, it is my nap time now. Got to go. Nice talking to you. Meet you all again soon. Bye!

Smiles for you,

P.S: Please don’t tell Mamma on me ok.

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