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Hi again…my dear friend :)

As I poured my heart out to an old friend of mine (I was meeting her after ages and she just had a super-critical life threatening surgery) who I’d been very close to and lost touch with over time as we chose some different career paths, I felt like I’d reconnected to an old part of me. I know meeting someone from your past can be emotional, but why do we girls always get so teary-eyed? 🙁

In her words, and I relate to it completely, ‘I met lots of people and made lot of friends, but guys, they don’t take your places. You’re just irreplaceable.’ Here she meant our whole gang that somehow didn’t survive the test of time as we thought it would. Just to take a cue from this, we found each other’s numbers and reconnected on Whatsapp, and now as a necessary refreshing exercise we exchange tidbits about each other’s lives almost everyday. 🙂

Being an important life of someone’s life is better than being an unimportant part of many people’s lives, isn’t it? I’d rather have a few friends who genuinely feel for me than having tons of friends who’re good enough only to splash their presence on my FB wall. Taking that one step, from virtual to real, is difficult. Even for people who’ve been there with you in the past and somehow weren’t the same anymore until recently, but once done isn’t it pure delight? 🙂

Thanks R….hope to stay this close to you always and hope you recover soon. Really looking forward to having some rocking time with you again! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hi again…my dear friend :)

  1. I so know what you are saying… FB and all is good to an extent but real friends are in reality and on social networking sites 🙂

    P.S. it was good to re-connect (it was a reconnect for us too 😉 ) the other day, I so want us to get back to our chatting routine, it feels good to open up with you, you know that don’t you? 🙂

  2. I feel real friends are just those who stay with you through thick and thin and accept you with all your faults and vices. It is fine if they can’t be there all the time (we all have our responsibilities), just knowing they’re around somewhere is enough. 🙂
    Yes it was nice to reconnect. You and I, both have so much going on in our lives that sometimes it gets tough to keep up. Those chatting days were nice na? 🙂

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