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A new beginning

There are some things in our life which are omnipresent. They are forever in our thoughts, even when we don’t know. My blog is one such thing for me. I haven’t written seriously since a long time but there hasn’t been a day or an occasion when I didn’t feel like ‘blogging it out’. Why I didn’t do that, is a different story.

Many of my blog friends wouldn’t know (or may be they did, through the many widgets that show the site visitors impeccably) but I’ve been lurking around a bit, reading but not commenting on their blogs. With no intention of offending anyone, there was a simple reason for it. Blogging was becoming a way of venting out, justifying, explaining and defending, and at times just glorifying our lives for our own benefit (even I did that sometimes).

That’s not why I began writing or reading blogs. We had views and ideas, but there wasn’t the need to have people agreeing with it. The number of readers a post got didn’t motivate a ‘sequel’ to it. Nothing was written just for the sake of garnering appreciation or creating a controversy. The greed was to write what we enjoy. Nothing else.

And hence, I’ve decided to make a new beginning. One thing that I’m going to remind myself everyday is that my blog may be a part of my existence but it isn’t my identity and I cannot open the book of my life here for people to derive conclusions about me. At the same time I don’t want to create an impression of a person that I’m not.

My personal life had taken precedence here and I’m going to change that. No more elaborate A Jr stuff (a post on writing about our kids is going to come up sometime soon) and definitely no more bursting of mother love. 😛 😀

Hope my readers will continue coming back to my blog for the sheer joy of reading and will not go disappointed. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A new beginning

    1. Exactly. We aren’t here to create a fan base or cater to anyone’s likes or dislikes. Blogging should be a form of expression is what I feel.

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