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Book Review: RIP by Mukul Deva


RIP. The Resurgent Indian Patriots.

The new and improved full form of an old acronym immediately caught my fancy and I just had to review this book. I’d heard a lot about the author but sadly never read any of his books (which is definitely going to change now). I had a gut feeling that I’ll enjoy this book to the T, and I can surely say I wasn’t disappointed.

The USP of the book is indeed its relevance with events very real and very recent. At a time when the whole nation is gripped with endless scams and scandals erupting from almost every sector, some serious while some downright ridiculous, this book tries to find a permanent solution to deal with people who’re at the very core of this crime through its choice of protagonists and their unconventional methods.

The K-Team lead by Colonel Krishna Athawale is a team of ex-paracommandos who take it upon themselves to wipe the nation clean of every person who’s harming the country in any way. Their intention is to protect the country from the enemy within. The difference in their modus operandi is their unmistakable army approach towards it. While their working is methodical, they’re interestingly emotional and are ready to stand up for each other always.

Like the two sides of a coin the other side of the army, the darker and not so glorious one, is represented by Raghav Bhagat, who’s past consists of many wrongdoings which leave him with a hefty bank balance and a broken marriage with Reena Bhagat,who’s a glamourous news anchor working for NDTV. Raghav is hired to do the dirty work of stopping the RIP, at any cost.

Vinod Bedi, Special Director, CBI is caught in the middle of all this mayhem. With the home minister on his back every single minute and a newly wed wife who’s already regretting her decision of marrying him, he’s harried all the time but still putting his best to get the RIP arrested.

The Home Minister, Chief Minister, army officials, judges, partymen, secretaries, etc are all part of the corrupt system. One can’t help wondering how these people can shamelessly milk our nation one day and run amok scared and clueless trying to save their lives the other. With its rather unambiguous and violent approach, RIP manages to get its point across to them successfully and creates a nationwide stir.

The sheer pace of the book keeps you glued to it throughout, while the emotional moments woven into the story make you empathize even with characters that are going against the law, albeit for something that everyone feels about but does little to stop it.

The book relies on the old adage ‘Good wins over bad in the end’ but in reality the plot is impractical and rather childish. Killing people doesn’t solve problems, as it is rightly mentioned in the book, since there’s no proof that the ones replacing them won’t do the same thing. But then, it’s everyone’s personal opinion.

I’ll definitely recommend this book to all my readers, for the optimistic feel it gives you in the end. Like it happens in the book, one can only hope that in reality too we’re all saved from the blood-sucking politicians and our corrupt system is cleaned once and for all.

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