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Trains, girls and mornings #NaBloPoMo day 5 

‘Bhaag jao..tiger aa jayega…!’ ‘Bhaiya…zing zing zingaaaaat!’ ‘Aap mere saath mere ghar chalo na..’ In what could be one of the most fun train travels we have had in a while, we were blessed with these pearls of unbridled innocence by one our cutest co-travellers; a super sweet girl of Angel’s age with almost the… Read More Trains, girls and mornings #NaBloPoMo day 5 

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The big old child #NaBloPoMo day 4

Being foolishly stubborn, refusing to abide by rules, feeling insecured and stopping at nothing to get some attention are traits we normally associate with kids. While they are all true, we also know that, considered as childhood revisited, old age displays these very shenanigans. Unfortunately, they are even more pronounced the second time round. Last two… Read More The big old child #NaBloPoMo day 4