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Can reading win over writing for me? #BlogchatterBlogHop

Reading and writing are two of my dearest things. On any given day you’ll find me pouring over a book or tapping away on my keyboard, pouring my heart out. Words, both said and unsaid, have the ability to inspire, influence, and impel our thinking and are my favourite weapon of choice. Can there be another one that can do the needful without causing mayhem anyway? Hence, this week’s prompt for #BlogchatterBlogHop is cruel, to say the least. Selecting between either of the two is like turning my back on the other. How do I do justice to it while pledging my undying allegiance to both?

Since my heart finds itself unable to pick sides, I’m making a feeble attempt at writing poetry for this prompt. It’s been a long time and I’m rough around the edges. Bear with me though and do leave your honest feedback.

Can reading win over writing for me_avibrantpalette

Once upon a time, there lived a girl,

Her hair was curly, and her eyes shone like a pearl.

She got picked upon often for being too shy,

Sad and lonely, she chose a quiet corner to cry.

Until one day her dear father got her a friend,

It looked so inviting, surely a treasure God send.

She was the best student, at the top of her class,

In its company now, her remaining moments would pass.

Dark purple hue, a spectacled boy’s face on the cover,

One look at it, deep in her spine there was a strange shiver.

She felt a pull within, to know what was his story,

And soon, as they say, the rest was all history.

She warmed up to Harry and made him her confidante,

Their friendship grew deeper soon, from sapling to a plant.

His books became her haven, his thoughts her happy place,

She wished dearly though if she could ever enter his space?

She sat down one day then, a pen and diary in hand,

Creating a new world, where with them she could together stand.

His magical adventures and her earthly ways of living,

Promised exciting new things, she wouldn’t mind reliving.

Words came to her easily, like a moth to a flame,

Her imagination ran wild, getting tougher to tame.

She had much to say and gave flight to her thoughts,

Her pen had given her power, she could never now be lost!

So, you see, reading and writing are two sides of the same coin. While reading is engrossing, writing is empowering. Even after a reader turns the last page the book stays in his mind. Blogging, writing reviews, book blurbs, or a one-line brief makes you a writer too, doesn’t it? How can we then choose between either? What do you think?

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13 thoughts on “Can reading win over writing for me? #BlogchatterBlogHop

  1. Loved your response on prompt and I agree we can not choose single thing. writing and reading both are integral part of our life as a blogger and both have their empowering impact that help us grow as a person.

  2. We cannot choose between the two and must say that both goes hands in hands as without reading you can never feel like writing for your own and without reading you are one without soul.

  3. I totally agree. Reading and writing are interdependent—2 sides of the same coin. Choosing between them is impossible.
    I too have penned a poem expressing the futility of this dilemma. You can check it out on my blog. 🙂

  4. I totally agree. Reading and writing are interdependent—2 sides of the same coin. Choosing between them is impossible.
    I too have penned a poem expressing the futility of this dilemma.
    You can check it out on my blog.

    Cheers! 🙂

  5. Exactly as I felt that this prompt is too cruel but loved your take on it. A poem would have never occurred to my mind. Your feeble attempt has yielded great results. And also, lovely to be back reading your blogpost!

  6. Reading is definitely first step toward writing. You have very well versed the poetry. Coming to suggestion part, you can add a space to create stanzas or couplets will give the poetry more refined look that will be easy for readers too.

  7. So so true.. It’s not possible to choose between two and I loved when you say writing is empowering while reading is engrossing. Loved your take and I personally feel reading is a motivation behind writing.

  8. Even I chose this prompt and with similar words. Reading and writing go in tandem for many, but not all readers are writers. For you and me it is difficult to choose between the two.

  9. This as a question should be banned! lol! we should never be asked to make a choice – there is no choice – as you rightly said, it is 2 sides of the same coin….and the coin is inherently, just one :O

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