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Book Review: I Hate My Curly Hair #BookChatter

Hi readers! After a brief break (while I was reading loads!) I’m back with a book review for #BookChatter. This time it is a cute illustrative book called I Hate My Curly Hair by Divya Anand with illustrations by Rujuta Thakurdesai.


About the book

Remember the time when as kids we abhorred some or the other thing about ourselves? Not slim, not tall or not fair enough, we always found ways to sulk. I Hate my Curly Hair is a similar story of a cute girl who exceedingly dislikes her curly hair. Looking at girls with smooth and silky hair on screen makes her cry tears of self-pity.

People call her names like noodles and poodles and she steadfastly determines to tame her curly mane with books, glue and oil. Her thick frizzy hair fight back with the same fervour though and refuse to straighten up. Sigh!

Her self-acceptance comes quite strangely when a bully gets tricked by her and bites dust. She finally comes to realise just how useful and unique her curly hair is. What more, they become curly-haired chums too.

My thoughts

I’ve always liked curly hair and wished I had them. Not surprisingly, my curly haired friends hope just the opposite. I had a smile pasted on my face while reading this book and was reminded of similar rants.

The story is written from the view of 4 year old but it’s subtle message rings true for people of all ages. You can identify with her grumpiness and change of heart too. The lines have a fun rhyme to them and I was almost tempted to compose a tune and sing along.

The illustrations by Rujuta Thakurdesai breathe life into this cute story. Her sketches make this book interesting and relatable for everyone. Self-acceptance is an art that we’re never too old to learn or imbibe, right?

I Hate My Curly Hair is short, sweet and can be a good bedtime story for your kids. My 5 year old daughter loved it when I read it to her.

My rating: *** 3/5 stars

About the author

Divya lives in Bangalore with her personal mop of curly hair and her husband. She likes to write and doodle and uses her lovely curls to hold pens, pencils and brushes! She’s a foodie and her first book Dare Eat That is about her quest to eat bizarre foods around the world with her husband. This is her second book.

Book Details

Language : English

Genre : Fiction

Available in : Paperback and Kindle Edition

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20 thoughts on “Book Review: I Hate My Curly Hair #BookChatter

  1. That sounds a fun read. I have wavy hair and I aways loved them but I had friends who wished to have wavy hair. While reading your post it reminded me our school conversations.

  2. I hate you curly hair sounds great for all the books lovers thank you for sharing your reviews definitely will be checking out..

  3. I had heard about this book before on Instagram but now after reading your post got the exact insight. I agree that as a school kid and even as a grown up, we all get faced some kind of comments or remarks for our physical appearance. but at the end, self acceptance and love your self is key to keep yourself sane and calm. loved your review..and I love your curl too.

  4. That’s a cute cover. My curly hair friends don’t like their hair at all while there was a phase when I wanted to have curls and would ask them for some tips, they used to call me crazy. Well, I like your review, will be checking out this book.

  5. This book looks quite interesting. There is a famous saying” other side of the river is always greener. Same is applicable to me, Even I like curly hair as I always had straight or slightly wavy. will definitely give it a read.

  6. I have heard a lot about this book while it was getting launch, had mixed thoughts, now I am so clear with your detailed review. I too wanted to have curly hair and my bestie wanted straight line me, this book would be real fun reading

  7. I loved your short and crisp review Varsha. It’s a good way to teaching kids self acceptance and yes I too love curly hair.

  8. I hace read this book and I know this is a very good book for a kid and preschooler.I ordered to read for my kiddo because this really help them to read and understand the concept English

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