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5 things I cannot live without #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

‘Tere bina jeena bhi hai kya jeena’ the lyrics went. Time and again Hindi movies and songs have reminded us that love is something we cannot live without. The romantic that I am, I deeply believe in it. Love, however, has many dimensions. Categorising it or measuring it in quantitative terms isn’t possible.

Sometimes I feel that we’re so busy concentrating on the things we want or need that cherishing and valuing what we have has lost its beauty. A morning hug from your better half or a loving Goodbye as you drop your kid to school won’t change your existence. Life would certainly be bliss with these little thoughtful gestures though, right?

I’m sharing with you today some of the things that make me love me and my life, just the way it is. These things keep me sane and grounded, always helping me spring back to reality feeling inspired and energised.

Writing, blogging and all that jazz..

Hardly surprising? It all started when as a kid I started adding a line or two of my own to the birthday cards my parents sent out on festivals and special occasions. It slowly graduated to poetry, fiction and then blogging. Writing has a calming effect on me and helps me unwind. Holding a pen or tapping on a keyboard opens up a world of possibilities for me. Now, who can resist that?

Tossing up new dishes!

All thanks to Mom, I was never made to cook. I chose to. The mesmerising aromas emanating from her kitchen kept me hooked and instigated me to try and replicate her. I always wanted to know more and try my hand at new recipes. A foodie husband additionally encouraged me to innovate and experiment further. Cooking is therapy for me and if my Instagram account is anything to go by, I’m probably good at it. Healthy and nutritious food is what I like to serve to my family.

Workout in any form

I’ve moped about my weight issues many times before on my blog. Yet believe it or not, I like to workout. I’ve seen enough heart and diabetic patients at home to be apprehensive about my own well-being. The endorphins or happy hormones released after a good hour of sweating out or the resultant natural glow on the skin might be doing the trick. A healthy lifestyle is our responsibility and I’m glad I’m doing my part for it.

Uninterrupted me-time

Mothers know the importance of me time more than anyone else. Way back in college locking my room from inside and enjoying my own company was a regular practice for me. There’s no ‘my room’ anymore and my me-time now involves everything from reading, hanging out with friends, shopping, going for a walk to even blogging! Needless to say, I look forward to it.

Quality time with family

Clichéd as it may sound my life is incomplete without the cuddles and oodles of love my family bestows upon me. They often gang up against the firm disciplinarian in me yet I know that they love me unconditionally. The dreams we have for each other and the smiles that keep us together are priceless. They make me feel proud of myself. Can there be anything more precious than that?

What are the things you cannot live without? A favourite beverage, a pet, a hobby or a quirk, do share it with me.

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17 thoughts on “5 things I cannot live without #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

  1. I loved knowing more of you, Varsha and the things you can’t live without.
    I think you’re doing great on the health front, whether it is cooking the right food and exercising too. Keep it up!
    I am tempted to take up this topic as well, and write a post!:)

    1. I’m so glad I’m doing something right, M. Coming from someone who I look up to it is a huge compliment!
      Take up the topic if you like. Would love to read your take on it. 🙂

  2. Got to know you from closer quarters Varsh! And it confirmed my belief…you are amazing! nd my favourite is reading your posts and feeling jealous every time you share lovely pics of the dishes that you cook… Going to raid your house next time.

  3. I was big into workout, until due to an injury I was advised to step back. God know I miss it. So, I know why is it in your list- the Adrenalin rush is wow.

    1. Sp glad you agree, Zainab. I’m tired of the sarcasm-laced replies I get. The adrenaline rush is like nothing else.
      I hope you do what you can. Workout isn’t something that can be given up.

  4. Loved your list Varsha; tells me so much more about the person that you are 🙂 I love my me-time too a lot lot lot…………. Cant do without it now 😉
    Heading to Mumbai in a few weeks; hoping to meet you. Do DM me your number, will coordinate on WA.

    1. Women and our me-time is precious. If only people understood why it is so important! 😀
      That’s great, Shalz. Hoping to meet you too. Will be in and out of Mumbai due to kids’ vacations. Fingers crossed.

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