Lurking for some notes #FridayFotoFiction


This wasn’t her regular job. She was filling in for a friend who was tending to her sick child. Her initial instinct had been to bail out of it but, once here, she was glad she didn’t.

She had never seen a live band in her life, let alone a musical instrument. Her memories of them came from movies or reality shows on television. Now she could feel and touch them, if only to clean. How thrilling!

It was the piano that fascinated her the most. Rajesh Khanna, her all-time favourite, had played a song on it in Kati Patang, isn’t it? She had observed people test-playing instruments before buying and lurked around hopefully, waiting for someone to play it.

After going through the entire shop, an unhurried man finally settled on it. He knew his music and played it beautifully. She understood nothing, yet was mesmerised.  

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