Tickling the funny bone


If Kajol’s never seen before uber-cool avatar convinces me that self-indulgence and a ‘Yummy Mummy’ tag after having two kids is way hotter than resignedly and recklessly bracketing myself in the ‘Auntyji’ category, this revelation of a lady inspires me to stay true to myself, keep my attitude and my chin up all the time, accept life and its surprises with open arms and most importantly, never forget to tickle that funny bone.

Keep your sense of humour, my friend; if you don’t have a sense of humour it just isn’t funny anymore.

~ Wavy Gravy.

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  1. Having a Sense of Humor is a Huge Huge Blessing.
    I definitely have it in me. I can even crack a joke about myself and make people laugh!!
    Its so satisfying to be able to other people Laugh.
    Cheers Twinkle Khanna, Mrs Funny Bones !!

    1. Totally agree! We can’t expect to sail through life and its tribulations by being sullen and gloomy about it. It took me some time to let that sink in, but yes, being able to laugh at yourself is an art few people possess. Laughter is the best and cheapest medicine. ????????
      Twinkle Khanna is just too good. Did you catch her Koffee with Karan episode?

  2. True that Varsha, I admire people with a great sense of humour…….always a fan of them:)

    1. Same here! A good sense of humour is very uncommon….and people who ‘get’ the jokes you do are even more rare. It is so much fun to be around them! ????

  3. Agree, agree and agree more! If only we ‘serious’ adults could take our ‘serious’ adult life a little less seriously for it is always the ‘humor’ that we recollect and laugh about in hindsight.

    1. Exactly! We almost feel guilty of laughing out loud or sharing a silly joke with someone for fear of getting judged. What’s the big deal? Seriousness about life is alright, but one needs to keep the humour alive.

  4. Without humour and our own sense for and of it, no one would even miss you when you are out of their lives 😉

    1. Correct! The ability to laugh at yourself is rare and precious. One can live without our rants, but the jokes we crack will always be missed.

  5. I can communicate with people having a great SoH with much ease. It’s always better to look at the lighter side of things, both weight-wise and colour-wise 😛

    By the way, I loved the book!

    1. Haha. You know what, I learned to find the SoH in laughing at myself pretty late, but it is worth it. It is lot easier than cribbing about something we cannot change! I have yet to read the book. 🙁
      Thanks for the comment Maniparna! ☺

      1. Go for the book, you’ll love it…

        1. Yes. High time, isn’t it? She already came out with her next book!

          1. Yes, yet to read that. … but heard this one is equally good.

          2. Yes, I heard it too.

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