Feeling blue, Just rambling, Me, Such is life, Whines and whispers

Distance and longing #NaBloPoMo day 3

It has happened before, and it happened again,

This wave of discomfort that ran through my veins.

Wanting to be around you, craving to hold you,

And if you allow me, pour my heart and eyes out too.

This pain is inevitable, I know and understand,

The distance hurts me deep, rest all I can stand.

You seem closer to me when I close my eyes,

Your voice gets muffled though in the sound my cries. 

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  1. This is lovely.

    1. Thanks Vidhi. ☺

  2. Deep, that was!

    1. Thanks dear. ☺

  3. Distance makes the heart grow fonder……its not the presence but the absence and the distance that makes us realise how much we miss that special person around us!

    1. You said it Radhika. Unless we grow apart physically we can never know what is like to crave someone’s presence.

  4. someone is feeling very romantic.. or missing someone 🙂

    1. A little bit of both Bikram. ☺

    2. 😀

      1. ????????

  5. As a fellow poet, I really like this! Especially the rhymes thrown in at the end, really helped your piece come to an end.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m quite an amateur poet and put together words as I fancy. I’m glad you liked it.
      Welcome to my blog. ☺

  6. I really like this!

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