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Dil ke ehsaas

​​Dikhayi na pade kuch, andhera charon ore,

Kaanon mein gunjta hai khamoshiyon ka shor.

Dil mein chupe ehsaas umadne ki zid karte hain,

Belagam ghode bankar har disha mein daudte hain.

Kuch sahi hua to, par kuch hua galat kyun,

Aise sawaal khudse karti hun is peher kyun.

Jeevan mein mere jinki bharti kami nahi hai,

Hain door kahin mujhse, par baste ab yahin hain.

Haath badhau to shayad unhe chhu lu main,

Ho khwab ya ho chahat, mil jaaye to le lu main.

Sanson mein saans judke ek zindagi banti hai,

Katre si phir inayat kyun dil ki na milti hai.

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  1. This is neat poetry. Loved the beautiful thought of poem.

    1. Thank you! ☺

  2. Beautiful poem Varsha. All your hindi poems are too good ….keep writing.

    1. Thanks Parijat. This was one of those things you do…late night writing. Somewhere around 2 at night. ????

      1. yes the stillness of night gives birth to great thoughts…however make sure you arent awake just to write this…health is most supreme in life and sleep is an imp ingredient for that.
        I had started doing that some time back..waking up at night and instead of trying to get sleep, writing blogs etc..Then the self created transformation started…even if i feel like hell i try not to touch mobile at night..instead read some book or even watch something on tv…and we decided to go out even if to nearby park for some physical activity on holidays….I hope i wasnt preachy or overcommunicative 🙂 🙂

        1. Haha….what does the word overcommunicative mean exactly? ????
          No, I wasn’t up just to write this. I had a writing assignment that took longer than expected. By the time I finished it was well past 1 and I had lost my sleep. After dillydallying for an hour I finally got up to write.
          I know it isn’t healthy but in the still of the night I get the peace to write. Else I’m somehow fitting my writing time in the vague gap I get in between both kids.

          1. overcomminication means jaha char shabdo se kaam chale waha solah shabd kahna 🙂 . i am told i ovter explain things ????
            what are these assignments..you write for some publications or on wordpress ? Its great to see your energy and determination and its very inspiring.

          2. See..through written medium some sort of explanation is needed. Else it is easy to derive separate meanings from the same words. I don’t mind this overexplaining. ????
            Thanks Parijat…is it ok if I tell you about this in private?

          3. i think i get what you mean…written words lead to a lot of interpretation and sometimes confusion as well as we arnt able to see facial expression or even tbe tone of expression…you are free to write whichever medium you feel comfortable with.

          4. Kya baat hai. Sahi pakde hain. ????????????

          5. ????????

  3. aye hay…… seeing birth of a poet….. its good….. very good….

    1. Haha…you can say rebirth of a poet. If you dig into my archives, you will find quite a few I’ve shared.
      Thank you very much Sudhir. ????

  4. Kya baat hai..
    Bahut khoob..

    Issi ko shayad zindagi kehte hain. .

    1. Haan…shayad…
      Thehre to bhi mushkil…badalti rahe to bhi mushkil… ☺

      1. Egggjactly. ..

        That’s why they say

        Har kissi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta. ..

        1. Wah wah…mutthi bhar zameen…bas utni hi hamari hai…wo bhi jaane ke baad
          And we are hindus…we get burnt…so humko wo bhi nahi ????

          1. Same in Sikhs tooo.. gone with the wind…????????

          2. Koi nahi…hawa mein rahenge hum…it is more easily variable than land. ????

          3. Oh yes.. defintely. . One can fly anywhere then.. not bound by country boundaries.. Antarctica maybe.. Nice and cool..????????????????

          4. Arre…everyday new place..sab jagah ghumo…Rome….Florida….Sydney…????????????

          5. Yeh bhi theek hai..

          6. ????????????

  5. Kya baat hai Varsha……enjoyed this one. I loved the line ” Kano mein bajthi hai khamoshiyo ka shor “……. Wow !!

    1. Thanks Radhika. It all came out from a half-asleep mind. In retrospect, I guess that time suits me. ????

      1. Somehow great ideas come to us during night !

        1. True…the mind works best when it has nothing else to attend to or distract.

  6. You should write more such poems

    1. Thanks dear. I wasn’t sure how much a Hindi poem would work, but I guess there are takers for it. ☺

      1. You should use Hindi font. That would be more exciting and engaging. Apps available online 🙂

        1. I tried…but somehow there were alignment and font-size issues, and I didn’t have much patience then, to be honest. For next time I will use Hindi font. Thanks for the suggestion. ☺

  7. Bahut khoob!
    So glad to have read this in the peace of the night. Keep the poetry coming 🙂

    1. Thank you so much dear. Sure, I will share when I write the next one. 🙂

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