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  1. very true……

    1. Thanks Sudhir. ☺

  2. Very well stated!

    1. Thank you Sudershana. ☺

  3. tejasvimys says:

    Soo true!

    1. Thank you! Tejas, is it? ????

      1. tejasvimys says:

        Yes. You see, reputation and self value are the two most important things that has to be guarded in one’s life. This quote resonates with that idea!

        1. Exactly. Out of our feelings or respect for people we let them assume a lot of things. The only important thing is to value ourselves the most.

  4. Oh yes…

    That is how economics works.. and we need that little bit in life toooo. .

    Well said …

    1. Thanks Bikramjit. Philosophy and economics have very similar rules. ????

  5. ha ha yes.. make them envious..

    1. Exactly. Loss is theirs. ????

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