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  1. Seems women had a lot more prividlidges in tha time.. Although not sure about some rituals like sati..

    They were wrong then tooo..

    1. Women were sometimes forced and sometimes sati practice was voluntary. In any case it doesn’t prove right.
      Priviliges depend on the ruler that time. The common man simply followed him. There was prostitution, devdasis too on the other side. So it wasn’t all hunky dory.

  2. Nice history class M’am :). If i am not wrong Tenaliram was said to belong to this period and we all have read his clever acts 🙂

    1. No no. You got a replacement teacher today. That’s why the History class instead or Romance. 😄😄
      Yes he belonged to the same period. He’s one of my favourite characters. ☺

      1. 🙂 🙂 Sometimes movies like Drishyam are also likeable apart from kuchh kuchh hota types…:)

        1. Hmmm. That’s true. ????

          1. That kid acted too well as well…did you see this movie ?

          2. Both KKHH and Drishyam had a small girl. Loved both. ????

          3. Oh Yes 🙂 forgot that cute girl from KKHH…yes she acted really well too 🙂

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