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Going round and round

Woman 1 : I got a call for an interview. You think I should go?

W 2 : Why? Who will look after your son when you’ll be at work?

W 3 : I think you should take the job. 

W 4 : Seems like it will rain.

Visibly amused and unwilling to be dragged into this conversation, I move away from the group slightly.

Two days later..

Woman 2 : What happened with your interview?

W 1 : I didn’t take the job. The boss was a pervert.

W 3 : Working women have to go through so much I tell you! 

W 4 : You should’ve found out about the company first.

I stand there listening this time. 

“What exactly were these women trying to discuss on?” I wonder.

70 thoughts on “Going round and round

    1. Ha ha! I didn’t know why it began in the first place. Why ask anyone when you’re yourself undecided? As you noticed the reactions weren’t very helpful. ????

        1. As far as I could make out it wasn’t casual. This lady had heated arguments about it even when she had no clue about the company she was interviewing for. Others simply talked and talked. In the end it was all for nothing! ????

          1. Oh yes, but the accent is slightly difficult to pick up easily. I have konkani friends and its hard for me to make out what they say, unless it is slow for my sake. ☺

          2. Hmmm…I guess. Anyways every 100 kms the dialect changes. I kind of like it. Loads of jokes around about Nagpur Pune or even Satara Marathi dialects and speaking habits. ????

          3. Hmm true. Area does have some bearing on a language. Along state borders the languages are somehow gelled, then again due to immigration the original language faces local influence to a large extent.

    1. ????????????????
      In our power yoga session we discussed everything from Salman Khan to the aroma of missal being cooked downstairs to our trainer’s uncle and his fitness regime. Women can talk about anything. Period! ????

        1. But seriously, that is vain, I know. This discussion seemed forced and misplaced. Does anyone really care about what we should do? Even if they do should it matter to us? This is supposed to be talked about in our immediate family, I think.

          1. Hahaha. Yes probably. Its funny. It if rains…they complain it rained. If it doesn’t…they complain it didn’t. If nothing else there’s always some ‘did you hear about this…?’ line. ????????

          2. Khare in hindi means salty…and you are sweet to talk to…and have a spicy sense of humour. I’m rechristening you now. You are SAS…sugar and spice. ????????????????

  1. Interesting to read 🙂 One thing you notice people who are able to get involved in mumbo jumbo talks wold hardly suffer from anxiety/depression . Its a good outlet it seems so sometimes i too practice it !! 🙂

          1. Haha. That’s the flavour of India too na….so we know how to enjoy it. :):)
            I love Gujrati thali. In fact I love Gujrati food, only apart from Kadi. I like the khatti kadi that we make. 🙂

          2. This chhass (buttermilk) is a compulsory ingredient and kichdi is must part of dinner (unlike ours where we have khichdi alone when we have it) and khichdi is not considered an insipid food but a delicacy and prepared in such a tasty manner as well 🙂

          3. Sort of. Achar and papad are a must in a meal. Although I don’t eat papad and have achar sparingly.
            My mother tried her best to make me like typical Marwari dishes, but I became a khichdi lover of sorts. I love Dal Bati and Gatte ki sabzi though. ????

          4. I love them!! A loves them too. A Jr, no! ????
            Mom made them very tasty. She made them for me every time I went home. I try, but can’t make them taste that good.

          5. I don’t like sweet much. Once in a blue moon I get the craving, but that’s it. I like khatti dal. ????
            One of my Gujju friends has invited us over to her place. I told her beforehand, Dhokla khilayegi to aaungi. ???????? She promised she will. ☺☺

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