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Drama Queen

I often wonder at the ability of my mind to tenaciously find ways to keep it occupied, irrespective of how insanely minuscule and unimportant they might be. Just the other day I was thinking, “Is being dramatic a good thing or a bad thing?”

For a woman, drama is like breathing. By denying her this privilege you are in all probability taking away her reason for existence. Whether she is happy, sad, angry, jealous or possessive, it is her dramatic way of exhibiting the feeling that gives it the desired effect.:-D

I’m not saying men are wary of some drama. Try telling your father you flunked your exams, wear your brother’s favourite t-shirt without asking him or run the credit limit of your husband’s ‘borrowed’ credit card, and you will witness their best theatrics at play. 😛

Me, I am a complete performer. People around me are so used to my impulsive and overly expressive behaviour that if I stay normal, they feel more concerned.

May be it isn’t a bad thing after all. If a scene is a dish, then drama acts as the tangy spice that makes it savoury. A little bit of drama never hurt anyone, right? 🙂

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