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Simple Pleasures ~ Daily Post Prompt


Rain….a cup of tea…and a book.

A beautiful morning and a warm cuddle.

An extra layer of cheese on your pizza.

Chocolate dessert.

Guilt-free binging.

A walk with someone special.

Sweating after a good workout.

A good uninterrupted night sleep.

No mobile network for a few hours.

Laughing away at nothing in particular.

Tiny arms around your neck.

An innocent carefree smile.

A sense of belonging.

To love and being loved unconditionally.

Friends to get crazy with.

The simplest pleasures in life are simply priceless.

This post is written for the prompt Pleasure on The Daily Post

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  1. Thankyou for this article.The simple pleasures in life are truly priceless

    1. Thank you Ngobesing 🙂

      Welcome to my blog.

      1. It’s my pleasure.

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