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Native News

A: Did you see the news about A (his native) on the front page of the newspaper today?

Me: No. I did read the column about A (my native) though. I didn’t find A (his native) anywhere.

A: How could you have missed it? It was right there in bold letters!

Me: Na, didn’t see it. What was it about?

A: The rain situation ofcourse. It’s been raining heavily last 2 days. The effects of it and all that.

Me: Hmm. Same thing happening in A (my native) too.

A: Ya? Howcome I didn’t see any A(my native) reference anywhere?

Me: You didn’t see properly,ofcourse.

A: Oh ya? So did you!

Do you find this conversation amusing? If yes, why?

It is sweet that we could easily place the names of our natives but when it came to the spouses’, it simply didn’t register? 😐

It is a big deal for both of us that the names of our natives featured on the front page of a national daily? 😎

Already in our thirties, yet we bicker over such silly things? 😜

We’re cute? 😄

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