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Agreed or not?

Some years ago Bombay Times carried an interview given by Kajol. It was probably on the occasion of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge completing 10 years, I’m not sure. Since Kajol gives interviews rarely and does have interesting things to say and share I read the whole thing. Along with other things she had a lot to say about her equation with Shahrukh Khan and how they’re as different as chalk and cheese.

One line that she’d particularly used (which I’d never heard before then, honestly) and which has stayed with me since then, was:

“We’ve both agreed to disagree”

Though put very simply, I feel these words carry with them a very deep meaning.

They can give you cues on when and why not to expect or say something and can save you from getting into highly charged and unnecessary emotional situations.Though we like to project ourselves as approachable and want people to think that we welcome brickbats and bouquets with equal pride, secretly we don’t want these impressions being put to test.

As human beings we’re all accustomed to having our own comfort zone; a place where our wish and will are always right and at no point questionable. We like being in charge and love it when we can call the shots. We like it when people nod their heads in agreement over everything we say.

We’d like to be right and agreed with all the time, but is it possible? Of course not! We may choose and decide according to the best of our knowledge and abilities, but does that ensure that we won’t falter at any point? It doesn’t. In that case, doesn’t keeping an open mind make us a bigger person and assist us in accepting everything, even disagreements, with ease?

I’m not trying to imply here that we can’t have an opinion. All of us have the right to adhere to our views, but is proving a point by having the last say the only way to satisfy our ego? We can put forward our opinion, accepting or agreeing with it or not is others’ calling. They can’t be compelled to take our side. If the people in question are our near and dear ones this has to be handled even more carefully so as to not offend anyone. 🙂

At times when I feel wronged or erred or feel that even my perfectly logical and sane judgement is getting thwarted, I refer to this line and I can confidently say that till date I’ve never regretted it. It has helped me sail through some uncomfortable and rather ugly instances by helping me take things in my stride rather than getting bugged about them.

So, in case anyone of you doesn’t like or agree with what I wrote…its perfectly ok!! 😀 😀

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  1. That was a very different kind of post from you Varsha! It means you are back to writing! Good. Hope things are going fine, because this post tells me so 😀

    1. Thanks Aunty! 🙂
      Like I said in the post I’ve started to not getting bugged so things can be taken as normal now 🙂
      Yes getting back to writing…and am enjoying it 🙂

  2. Well there is this line I had read somewhere: I may not agree with your opinion but I will completely defend your right to voice it. 🙂

    1. Hmmm…very well put! Summarises almost everything I said! 🙂

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