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Butterflies in my stomach :)

Every one of us has heard about the phrase ‘having butterflies in one’s stomach’ and undoubtedly experienced it on various occasions in our life. It is that uneasy feeling we get in our stomach when we know that something wrong’s happened or is about to happen. It may be nervous apprehension due to an unexpected turn of events. I have tried to list few instances when these butterflies start fluttering in our stomach 😉

As a child:
1. You broke the glass of your very irritating, loud and belligerent neighbour’s window. Unfortunately before you could reach home and butter your parents with your sugar-coated excuse he’s already there!
2. This one’s happened with everyone. You completed your homework (really?) and forgot your notebook on your study table. Your strict teacher will be very upset and punish you.
3. You accidentally broke your elder sibling’s favourite toy/doll while he/she was away.
4. You drew your most imaginative doodles on dad’s important papers.

As an adolescent:
1. You steal your dad’s car keys and go out for a drive with your friends. You break signals, get caught speeding, but the worst part comes when your dad’s friend spots you.
2. Your sibling calls you to inform you that your mom found that hidden pack of cigarettes and magazines in your closet.
3. Engineering students can identify with this. The day of submissions and you realize there’s one full sheet you forgot to make!
4. You bunk classes and go for a movie and bump into another professor there.

As an adult:
1. You have no money on you and the ATM swallows your card.
2. You mistakenly tell your khadoos boss the wrong time for a meeting.
3. You’re enjoying a cup of coffee with your girlfriend when incidentally another one turns up there.
4. For some people this one sure is, proposing…!

This is indeed an inclusive list. There are many many more such situations. Inputs are valuable and welcome 🙂

4 thoughts on “Butterflies in my stomach :)

  1. As a child: Remarks in your calendar on which you have to get your parent's signature.As a teenager: Your friends mom calls up at your place to check his/her whereabouts and you cannot tell the truth.As an adult: Appraisals 🙂

  2. As a child: When you were punished in the class and you hide it but your friend comes home tells it to your parents :(As a teenager: Getting those cramp-full periods 🙁 As an adult: Facing interviews for a job,when there are too many people coming to your house-post marriage-and you are cooking for the first time,when you are wearing that saree for the first time and have to spend an entire day with your in-law relatives, When you see that fateful accident on the way…Varsha, you got me thinking really,girl !! BTW the blog is going great ya 🙂 Congratulations dear 🙂

  3. Hey Nupur…I got this idea while talking to my husband about something and felt this would make a great piece of writing.I needed a put in a lot of thinking too…wasn't sure what to list and what to filter out..Glad you're liking it 🙂

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