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Who will do it?

This cat possibly isn’t the awesomely lazy and supremely cute Garfield but it sure makes the same case. Doesn’t it? 😉

This is a reminder to all the constantly busy souls in the world that they need to take a pause and just be for a while. There’s some fun in nothingness too. ☺

21 thoughts on “Who will do it?

      1. Oh my! Not boring at all. I love it. Mine’s a little different. No words, just cute cats playing with string. I used it in a post called “Cold Tea” to the prompt “immerse.” If you have a chance to look, please let me know what you think.

          1. Hey…your cup is even cuter. ???????? Loved the writeup too.
            Tried commenting there but for some reason, couldn’t. Kept getting some error.

          2. Thanks for having a look and for you kind words about the writeup. I’m not sure what the problem is with comments. Probably some setting somewhere I need to change… oh well…this is all a fun adventure even with glitches.

          3. That post was about a chapter I had just finished for an edited book called The Nature of Human Creativity, but it does capture lots of times of getting so immersed that I end up cold and stiff.

  1. Loved that cute lazy cat, her amazing tag line and your writeup, Varsha! How have you been? ‘ Fun in Doing Nothing’, love the idea, just may be this would help us become more productive in the least!

    1. Hey Perfy! I’m good. Glad you liked the post. ????
      I so envy the lazy cat. For once I could be like her. You know, just to have the experience of doing nothing. ????

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