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  1. Yes.. almost everyone is like that nowadays.. ????????????

    1. ???????? I guess it gives some sort of relief. People thought I was wrong but I held on to my guns. ????

      1. Good goood.. always stick to your guns if you think you are right..

        1. ???????????? People stick to their guns even when they aren’t right. That’s the whole fun! ????

          1. That’s people..

            Y worry about them..

          2. Worrying about them…no ways! How else would we get an excuse to come up with words like Askhole? ????????????

  2. Ha ha , like the term

    1. Ha ha….me too! Thanks for stopping by. ☺

  3. Ha ha…what abt your mind..will it come in tgis category

    1. I’m a nutcase that way. I don’t ask anyone. 😈😂

      1. 😂😂😂

      2. 😂😂😂😂

      3. 😂😂😂

  4. Hahah!! Have come across many 😛

    1. Oh, you have! Aren’t they sheer delight? ????
      Thanks for the comment Vinitha.

      1. Well, its a delight initially, but repetitive occurences makes it maddening for the other person. Nevertheless, i still love them, cause they happen to be my friends. 😀 😀

        1. That’s true, and we being friends we would still give them advice even when we know they wouldn’t take it.

  5. ???????????? the list is too long.
    Btw varsha , I commented when u posted this in the morning, looks like some network problem, my comment was not err… Commented? ????????????
    I even ask these ‘askholes’ why do they ask me when they finally follow what they want. One person gave me this answer- “I want to know what others think “!!

    1. ???????????? I searched…not even in spam!! You sure your comment got commented?? ????????????
      Arre…such people are super fun. They love to ask especially when they have doubts. Others’ diasgreements only push them further to do the wrong thing. ????????????

      1. Haha.. internet problem. I think I should switch to jio.????????
        ???????????????? Yes , I sometimes give them wrong opinion.anyways they don’t follow mine so why bother giving them the right one? But problem is, when you give them the worst opinion, they follow it and blame us later.????????????????????????

        1. Placing blame is our national game dear. ???? They are just polishing themselves for…blame Olympics. Gold medals guaranteed. ????????????
          As rude as it may sound, I tell them to think for themselves and not me of all people. It isn’t my first concern. ????

          1. Blame game is such a lame game. ????
            I usually act uninterested and I am an introvert (extrovert in WP and WhatsApp only) ???????????? so people think twice before talking to me. And asking for advice, I usually give some weird crazy advices which nobody would follow except someone like me. ????????????????

          2. ???????????? Opposites attract. What are we doing talking to each other!!! I am the same…an introvert…and I find social media quite tedious. Fb has been closed for a long time now.
            That’s better na…give them an advice they won’t take….ha ha ha… ring a bell?

          3. Haha.????????????
            If you are an introvert too , then how opposites????? I hardly talk to anyone here. I created my fb profile few days ago, since few of my wp friends are in fb. I can’t login now coz this is the second time I forgot password and changed it and still I forgot password. ????????????

          4. We are same and still we talking…mera ye matlab tha. ????????????????????
            Same here. I guess my neighbours think I’m some kind of loner who never bothers to chat with anyone. Forgot password twice??? ????????????????????????????????????
            This is epic!!! ????????????

          5. Haha.. ok, then I should tell you my fb story. The one I created is my fourth account .????????????????
            First account was when fb just started. So I accepted requests from all my classmates, next section classmates, friends of friends whom I just know by face, etc. In the end I was frustrated with all these unknown people and their spam posts, I deleted my account. Second account I had decided, “only friends and relatives”. Relatives were – maternal uncle, his relatives, their relatives, and so on. My fb became a family tree.????????
            Deleted again. Third account I was not interested,just created for the sake of it and still these ppl from first and second account list started sending requests. It was deactivated for almost a year, then I deleted it. Now I created another one and I really don’t know why. It is already a dead account. But lots of wp people have created page so I am thinking I ll give it a cpr and follow their fb pages. ????

          6. ????????????????
            Half the people on my list are the same ‘known by face’ people and many relatives who ‘like’ pictures and posts but never bother to call otherwise. Uncles and Aunties included. ????????????
            I deleted so many yet the list doesn’t seem to get a breather. So I deactivated the account itself. The worst part is Rekha….on bdays and all…there are so many people wishing you on Fb…when you aren’t on it people hardly remember! I guess I didn’t need all that fake limited attention. ????????????????

          7. Try hiding your birthday details and don’t let people post on your wall and see how many will message you on your b’day. Answer is nil.
            Facebook should be renamed to fake book. ????
            I don’t understand ,it’s like a competition. Post better pics to show that you are better than others!! And seflies!! Thank God I deleted at the right time . Everyday my wall used to be spammed with selfies. ????????????

          8. Same here! While you are on it, it becomes a countering each other thing. It is like people do some things simply to spam other’s walls!
            The funniest part is couples wishing and cooing in front of the whole world. I mean, gimme a break guys! Our parents could never dream of it and they are most probably our ideals.
            I deactivated my account on my bday. It was sweet when some people did remember. ????????

          9. I know. One of my colleagues got married. And everyday he used to post selfies and tag it as “for my wife only”. ????????????????

          10. ???????????????????? Someone i know had a fight with his friend…even unfriended him…because he posted his marriage pics before the groom himself did!! ????????????

          11. ????????????????????
            See, there are people weirder than me.????????

          12. There are. ????????????????????????????????????????

          13. ????????????????????????????

          14. Ok…so many unused smilies…relevance can rest for now…lets try ????????????????????????

          15. I got a new phone so I can try it all. Previously it was all xx boxes. ???????????? Even ???????? was not available in my old phone.

          16. Aww….that was a pity. They are fun to try out. I love these smilies. Sometimes I use them to confuse the husband and then tease him for not understanding. ????????????????

          17. Haha , WhatsApp supports these smileys so I used to spam my brother’s inbox with smiley spams.????????????????
            Now I can use it here too, yay????????.

          18. Yay! God, people would think we are so vain na…sadist types too! Will stop at nothing to spread the nonsense. ????????????????

          19. Lol, reminds me. My neighbour is a show off . One day she was like, hey our aerobics instructor is a sadist. I was like huh? She says, ya he’s sad these days, looks gloomy too.. poor sadist.
            I was standing there blinking… ????????????????????????????????
            If I crack good jokes, then I am a joker. And a good cook becomes a cooker. ????????????

          20. ????????????????????????????
            Many people use it that way!!! It is hilarious. Makes keeping a straight face a real challenge. ????????????
            We are both cookers Rekha…full of steam that gets released in comments. ????????????????????

          21. Haha… Chussssssss goes the whistle. ????????????????????
            I am prestige, what about you? Prestige, Hawkins or pigeon?????????????????

          22. ???????????????????? Pigeon….my girl loves Kaw kaw….how will she react for a kaw kaw Mom re? ????????????????

          23. I dint know that pigeons in Mumbai do kaw kaw… May be I should see those kawing pigeons when I visit Mumbai.????????????????

          24. For my girl…crows….pigeons…sparrows…parrots are all kaw kaw. She literally starts jumping when she sees any. God knows pigeons are aplenty here. ????????????

          25. Yep. Apartments and pigeons. We don’t have many here since it’s an independent house. But lots of birds and squirrels . We have a garden- plants and trees. Our cat enjoys a squirrel and rat feast almost everyday. ????????????

          26. ???????????????????????? Cool!

          27. ????????????????

          28. ????????????????

          29. May be I should write a post on my fb story. ????????????????
            Hope you dint faint reading it. ????????????

          30. Hahaha 😂😂
            You should write it. It will be fun. I would’ve fainted if it had been anyone else’s story. You, SOS I know is capable of anything! :D:D:D:D

          31. Haha. Thanks .????????????????

          32. ????????????????????????

      2. I just hope seeing my previous comment, people don’t unfollow me on WordPress. ????????

        1. ???????????? Their loss! Tu nahi aur sahi…aur nahi aur sahi! ????????

          1. ????????????????????

          2. ????????????????????????

          3. I read somewhere that this ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? is called smiley bomb . We both only light match sticks likes this ????????????????

          4. Is it?? ????????????????????????????????????
            Then let us light these on Diwali. Eco-friendly and colourful. Pollution if any caused only in our comment backyard. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

          5. Haha. Yes. I am anyways scared of crackers . I don’t even light sparklers ,I am that scared. ????????????
            Pollution online with chats like this is good kinda pollution????????

          6. I too am scared of crackers. The sound especially. I was always the one to sit in a closed room inside our house when others enjoyed outside!! ????????????
            Oh yes…this is good pollution. The dirt in our hearts is rinsed and yet the reader gets a good laugh. Ideal, isn’t it?? ????????????

          7. Yes it is. ????
            During diwali , I never go out of the house, even by mistake. ????????

          8. ???????????? I fear some day some rocket might miraculously find its way to my sari. ????????????

          9. Haha… They say don’t wear lungi during diwali. May be they should include sari too in the list. ????????????

          10. Ohh my!! I would wait for the day I can wear a salwar suit on Diwali!! ????????????

          11. Haha… ????????
            Get a hair cut like mine, you can wear jeans and T-shirt too. ????????
            Just last month someone pushed me aside and then saw my face and said, oh sorry I thought you were a boy!! Next time someone says that, I am going to scream loudly “save girl child”????????????

          12. ????????????????????
            You won’t believe…till the time my ‘girl’ attributes started showing ???? everyone took me for a boy! Boy would I love to go out with you and see this for real!!! ????????????????????????

          13. Haha… I had short hair till class 10. Then I decided to grow my hair, worst decision ever . And I feel short hair is my Lucky charm. Atleast it was previously. I should see now if it still has its charm. ????????????
            Now I get stares from girls and guys, thanks to my Pixie cut.????????????

          14. Haha…that’s cool! I gave up short hair long time back. Now it is just the length…sometimes long sometimes slightly shorter. Lucky charm as in??? Don’t tell me you get asked out by girls as well as guys!!! ????????????????????????????

          15. Haha..????????????????
            I don’t get along well with girls so that chapter is closed. I am more like a Tom boy. ????????
            I had long hair (shoulder length )????????
            I got fed up six months ago and got it chopped off. ????????????
            The parlor lady is happy because every two months she gets to try new hair styles on me. First it was Pixie, then semi-Mohawk. May be next I should go bald. ????????
            Lucky charm as in, good marks in exams. ????????????????????

          16. Wah wah…This is new to me! I never thought of this angle. Now I know why India lost on getting a super talented doctor! ????????????????
            Parlour ladies are awesome. They treat us like guinea pigs and even make us feel happy about it. Talented they are. ????????????
            I was a tom boy too…but post-marriage the tomcat got belled. ????????

          17. Meow for the bell. ????????????
            I dint understand the doctor joke..????????

          18. Hahaha…meow meow ????????????
            I had long hair in 12th std…and I missed the medical seat since my group percentage was less. The hair was the prob, I deeply and seriously assume now. ???????????? Nothing more. ????

          19. Haha.. I never studied bio after class 10. ????????????
            See, long hair is somehow related to marks in exam. May be, all the nutrition goes to the hair, and body gets less nutrition so brain gets tired easily. Hence, less marks .
            May be I should write a paper on this and submit, what say?????????????????

          20. No no…send it to Reader’s Digest and make money out of it. ????????????????
            We should’ve met earlier yaar…I would’ve given you more fodder and bio knowledge for ‘good wala’ jokes. ????????????????????

          21. Haha… ????????????
            Yeah, may be I should send it to reader’s digest. ????????????????????
            My bio knowledge is pretty good. ????????????????????????????

          22. ???????????? I’m quite sure your knowledge is very good. What I’m worried about is can I match it! ????????????????????????????????????

          23. The only thing that is good is my memory and recollection power. Sometimes it’s bad because u still remember those moments that you don’t want to… ????
            We are already on the same plane/page. So why worry about the rest ????????????????????????????pls dont ask which page number.????????????????????

          24. ????????????????????????
            Oh yes…tell me about memory. It is a pain at times. ????
            Page number not needed dear…lets us assume it is the page from where happy endings begin taking shape. ????????????????????

          25. Awww ❤❤❤????????????????????????????????????

          26. ????????????????????❤❤❤????????????

          27. ???????????????? smiley bomb

          28. ????????????????
            Hey Rekha….me and my girl were watching tv just now. Ae dil hai mushkil song was playing. She was sitting in my lap and I was giving her serious relationship advice. See my darling…you should choose people wisely…study well and become independent…etx etc.
            She simply gave me ‘Are you a lunatic?’ look and walked away. ????????????????????????????????????????????

          29. Haha… ????????????????
            She ll grow up to be like me. ????????
            I dunno if u should be happy or not about my above statement????????????????

          30. ???????????????????? As of now I can simply laugh and let go…baad ka pata nahi. ????????????????
            If she blogs and has your sense of humour…I don’t mind. ????????

          31. Haha. ????????????????????
            You never know if blog world would still exist after 20yrs… There are few who have already taken blog to next level, they call it vlog or vblog, something like that. ????

          32. Ya…that’s true. People are in such a hurry to switch levels…whether it is technology or Candy Crush. Sigh! ????
            I have a feeling we would be technologically challenged and would need their help. ????????????

          33. ????????????
            Technology will come to a standstill soon. How much can one develop?? You can’t make your microwave wash clothes for you.????????????
            Social media will also become obsolete. Or atleast people will get addicted to social media and hence there will not be any breakthroughs in technology????????
            I wish we could go back to 90’s, our childhood was so much fun isn’t it, Varsha? We did not have any channels on TV either. It was just dd1 and dd2. And Tetris video game,battery operated.????????

          34. Yes!!! I loved Tetris…and still remember all the serials we saw back then….the one Disney hour…one National Geographic documentary….those Shahrukh Khan serials…life was much simpler. Moreover there was attachment..
            People have a habit of not realising where to draw the line between addiction and necessity. Orkut is gone…and so will others…You are right! ????????????

          35. Yes. People don’t even remember Orkut. ????
            Shaktimaan, Rangoli and chitrahaar too. I never watched the srk wala. I still prefer cartoons over serials????????????

          36. Yes…Tehkikaat…Vyomkesh Bakshi…they were made so gripping and had a huge following. I watched Circus. I have a few of Uncle Scrooge episodes on my laptop…even some Talespin cds…I watch them more than my kids. ????????????????

          37. I only remember uncle Scrooge in your list. ????????
            I too have Looney tunes, Tom and Jerry in my hard drive. Remember Dexter’s laboratory?????
            Btw, we had a long chat, don’t you have to cook dinner????????????? You dint forget about it right?????????????

          38. ???????????????????? Dexter…..oh God…my brother had started calling me Dee Dee. ???????????? During vacations we rented video cassettes and watched cartoons all day!!!
            Dinner is made and eaten too!! You think the other three will let me breathe in peace if I don’t cook??? ????????????????

          39. ????????????????
            So, were you like Dee Dee ?????????
            Same here. We used to rent CDs and watch latest movies . ????????Those were good times.

          40. No no…I was and am a very caring big sis…but yes I had a bad temper always…and I could blackmail him into doing anything. ????????????????

          41. ????????????????????????????

          42. ????????????????????????????????????????????????

          43. I was like thank God I don’t have any siblings (silently laughing) ????????????????????

          44. Hahahaha….everything has a different charm I guess. ????????????????????

          45. ????????????????????????????????

          46. ????????????????????????

  6. ???????????? only you can come up with something like this ????????????… Have met them n I do It too.. So can’t complain actually… Though it’s not advice it’s more to do with I like knowing other people’s views are n decide what fits with me ????… Sorry but that’s me ????…

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
      Empty mind is devil’s workshop. What to do? 😜
      Hmmm…you mean like a recce of opinions and advice before you follow your own? ;)😂😂

      1. Hahha…I can relate to the idle mind… The creativity I come up with nowadays is just mind blowing ????????…
        I know in the end I am going to do what I have already decided…but still there are times I take others opinion which is rare but I do… N then I go as per my first decison, I guess I am only buying time n waiting for someone to say yes yes you are RIGHT????????????

        1. Hahaha…see the best part about creativity is that it is subjective! So on some level we are outstanding. ????????????
          Hmm…buying time makes sense. Come to think of it, I do that too. A friend of mine and I…always begin the sentence with….tu to sunegi nahi…phir bhi bol deti hun…. ????????????????

  7. ???????????????? I can so relate to the last line… my friends do that too… sunegi nahi lekin fir bhi (its like they they keep praying to God to please put some sense in this woman) hehe

    1. ???????????????????? What can we do…unless we find a way to put a grinder in their head or make the messed up nerves disentangle somehow! ????????
      I told you so’s are so cliched…have to find something with a personal touch now. ????

      1. Let me know when you find that touch ???? I will try it too ????????????

        1. Arre….two such awesome minds….let us create one no…????????

          1. Kya faydaa……We both will not listen to each other naa ????????????

          2. ???????????????????????????? Je baat!

  8. Yesterday I literally explained the destructive cycle this person always puts themselves through whenever they solicit advice from me then do the same old things over and over again. Today I got a text confirming that they’ve once again elected to do the same old things over and over again. Which means in about 4 months I’ll be having the same conversation, giving the same advice all over again. Askhole.

    1. Oh! It is a pain, isn’t it? We feel all the more wronged when we are genuinely concerned about such people and don’t want them to ruin their lives due to some bad decision. Kudos to you for still sticking around. ????
      Thanks for dropping by. ????

  9. Haha, love this and can relate!

    1. Glad you do. ????
      Thanks for stopping by.

  10. OMG, I was LOL. Such a Cute Name ASKhole. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    I’m gonna add this word to my vocabulary and share with everyone.

    1. Thanks Cattie. Go ahead and share. It is catchy. Thanks for the comment. ☺

  11. Every day of my life. Started this blog just to not have to literally say it anymore. Better to have them just read.

    1. Oh! Yes, writing it out and leaving it to the universe is better than having to repeat yourself.
      Thanks for your comment. Welcome here. ☺

      1. That’s so nice of you. You are welcome on my blog as well. :), You seem so kind and polite.

  12. ???? This is the best word

    1. Haha….thanks for reading Sam! ☺

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