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My 'Man'ly sins and me! (edited)

I was having the time of my life reading everyone’s sinful confessions, not worried in the least to think of my sins even once. Pinsy tagged me to do this (!) and before everyone claims my sins along with theirs, I’m doing it right away.

IHM has created this interesting tag. It goes like this – The tag is called ‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’. You are to list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to and tag twelve blogging friends to come out with their sins 😉

1.There seems to be a collective obsession for SUVs amongst girls and I’m no exception! I’ve been in love with Land Cruiser ever since I set my eyes on it few years back. Buying it would imply me robbing a bank or something, so I’m ready to settle for a Tata Safari 🙂

2.I’m a Mechanical engineer and was the only girl amongst 75 boys in my class. Girls from other branches joked that I blended so well with them that it was impossible to spot me in a group!:P

3.I love speed and have been reprimanded by my parents countless times for it. At times I was threatened with dire consequences if I didn’t keep check on the speedometer. And oh yes, my Kinetic had very loose brakes too 😛

4.My beautician always complained that I was her lousiest client. My eyebrows, hands, legs resembled a mini-jungle whenever I went to her. She tried to make me understand the rewards of being well-kept, but finally gave up for good. :/

5.Just let someone say I cannot do something ‘se I’m a girl, and he/she can be sure I’ll prove him/her wrong! There’s a rebel in me who refuses to acknowledge the belief that choices/preferences/opportunities/endurance are gender-dependant.

6.If being a girl means crying at the drop of a hat or being hyper-sensitive and delicate, then I don’t fit the bill for sure. I’ve always been the rugged one, cold and distant. I prefer being on my own and cry in solitude.

7.I swear sometimes when I’m upset, a big no-no for an acche ghar ki ladki. This is too much to comprehend since I’ve never heard A swear in 4 years of our married life. I still remember the incredulous look on his face when he’d heard me swear for the first time. :O

8.For a better part of my childhood I had a boy-cut and loved it. Some people even mistook me for a boy once. Even now, many times I have this sweeping urge to snip my long tresses and get that very comfortable zero maintenance haircut back!:)

9.I do not qualify to be the cover model for the most dutiful bahu! I’ve done things (which I wouldn’t like to confess here) which would give the MIL a heart-attack of sorts if she ever finds out about them. My stance is clear, obeying but non-committal.

10.I love the feeling of love and all that it entails but I can’t stand a lot of mush. I hate reading romantic novels. And more so, I hate sharing personal things with others like most girls do. It seems very tacky to me.

So there…my sins are out in the open. Doesn’t feel less of a girl,really!
Need to get back to being a pampering Mom and loving wifey mode anyway 😉

Here are few people who’s sins I’d love to know : Garf Rohini   Nu Preeti D Titaxy Analyst Reflections Zephyr G Chatterbox Psych Babbler

And yes, most people I know have been tagged already, so those who haven’t done it already consider yourself tagged and drop a comment…would love to read your sins too 😀

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  1. hehe… nice confession varsh

  2. How many times I wished to snip my tresses too, a boy cut is such a wonderful thing to do, but again, the love for long hair like my mum makes me step back and grow it, but I experiment with my hair big time… I've been going around with that boy cut most of my school life :)I know, sometimes I write down a list when certain ppl call me, what I cooked, what I ate for bf, lunch, dinner, what I'm wearing…!!

  3. @Mag[m]: Thanks and welcome here 🙂

  4. @Pinsy: After coming to Mumbai I'm dreading not having a boy-cut. It would be such a blessing for the humidity here! :(Being a 'typical' girl is tough for our category na Pinsy?? 😛

  5. shoot! I missed it :(Had to log out that time. You were the only girl amongst 75! Gala time, no? Most boys in my class were chilled out. The girls, on the otherhand, were so padhaaku. I hated them 😀

  6. @Meira: Yeah you logged out that time :(Oh yes…I was the only one…and although it sounds like fun it wasn't easy…the best part was that they were on my side and no one else but them was allowed to take digs at me! They treated me like another guy and protective at times :)I always hated 'girlish' company anyway 😛

  7. Ditto on #4 😀 Nicely done, Varsh 😀

  8. @Titaxy: Thanks T….get working on your list now! 🙂

  9. 3 – Ha ha ha! Loose brakes :P4 – I call myself Kroor Singh @ times 😉 Thatz hw my eye-brows look :PI luv 5 and luvvvv luvvv luvvv 9 :)I cn never share my personal things too!!!!

  10. #4..I am so with you..I wish I had it in me to get my hair cut.. I freak out about that..even when I want it so bad.. 😐

  11. Good to know that ur apart from the rest!!!Its very few ppl who stand out in the crowd. Besides, its always the diffrernt ones that catch ppls attention!! 🙂

  12. @Swaram: Hehe…are we all guys in the garb of girls??!! 😛 :PMy eye-brows meet in the middle and when they're full grown I look a lot like Kroor Singh myself :PYou agree na…its strange but in this matter( sharing stuff) guys maintain better privacy than girls!

  13. @Comfy: I think we'll be able to form a 'I don't like beauty parlours' club, since there's so many of us in this category! I'm sure it'll have record membership! 😛

  14. @Vyazz: Don't we all get bored with the common assumptions that our sex is attached with and want to break away once in a while? :)True…only when you do something that the whole crowd doesn't, the world will notice you 🙂

  15. Interesting facts, Mechanical engineer huh, mech ranis always get special treatment :). Nice confessions

  16. @Analyst: OMG…after college this is the first time someone reminded me of Mech Rani…that was my nick name…and even the most irritating guys thought they were obliged to call me that! :(Glad you enjoyed them..take up the tag soon.

  17. //5.Just let someone say I cannot do something ‘se I’m a girl, and he/she can be sure I’ll prove him/her wrong! There’s a rebel in me who refuses to acknowledge the belief that choices/preferences/opportunities/endurance are gender-dependant.//I strongly agree with you Varsh. Just see how many of us are so called complete 'girlie girls'? We are humans before we are women! :)Not a 'cover model' for being dutiful to your mother in law? That makes you sinfully unwomanly, only men can afford that 🙂 Same goes for curses! Reserved for men 🙂 Now that you are a certified SAGS – Sinner Against Gender Stereotypes, please join other sinners at, "SINNERS AGAINST GENDER STEREOTYPES (SAGS)Do add a link to your confessions here for other sinners to read 🙂

  18. a very refreshing set of sins Varsha! You sound like my kind of girl! Loved reading them. I have already been tagged. But thanks for tagging me! I'd better do my list fast i guess!

  19. @IHM: First of all, thanks for this tag! I'm sure none of us ever took more pride in sounding so sinful before :DI remember being put off by such 'girlie girls' in college. Whenever my mother asked me to do something 'girlish' and I didn't want to do it, I always objected that 'that thing is for girls'! My mother used to get soooo upset with me then! :PI've added the link on FB already 🙂

  20. @zephyr: I have no idea how my Mom would respond after reading this :)I enjoyed writing it..and let me add…your list of sins is far more interesting! 🙂

  21. 1 girl amidst 75 boys…..u must have been the centre of attraction;-DEnjoyed reading ur tag. Why didnt atleast u let me know u'd tagged me;-(???

  22. @Reflections: Oh yes…I was…but honest to my heart I never misused it…and made lots of friends in the process! :)I'm so so sorry I didn't inform you. In fact I told nobody. There was some tech glitch and then it slipped out of my mind. Take it up now, will you? 🙂

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