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The 'Tag' Bug

Not too long after I’d started blogging Reflections tagged me for the first time. I recollect being confused and lost as to what I’d to do with it and going through the blogs of all those who’d done it. It was a long one, but I felt compelled to complete it as fast as possible, like an assignment that had a deadline attached to it. It was unnerving, almost like a pressure, to do it the right way lest I disappoint the one who tagged me!

Since then I’ve done many tags and can comfortably say that I’m unfazed by them now. I like to see them as a challenge; making one think eccentrically in a direction we don’t usually direct our minds to (remember my Hi-five tag), making us look at the fine picture of our lives closely (Strikethrough tag), looking at ourselves in a different perspective than we have till date (My Sins against Gender Stereotypes tag) or simply sharing certain facts about us with everybody (Seven random things tag)!

With all due respect to the person who came up with this idea at the first place, there are some people who like tags while some think of them as work. I’d like to know what is it that you think tags are really meant for. Here’s what I think:

1.First and foremost, giving a personal touch to this electronic medium of writing. Giving fellow bloggers an insight into the person behind that blog page.
2.Increasing your blog’s popularity by joining the bandwagon. ‘Everybody does it, so do I’ thinking.
3.Trying to increase traffic to your blog with the tag-so-many-people-in-the-end clause.
4.Facing blogger’s block? Tags provide good filler posts.
5.Venting out your creative energy by dancing on someone else’s tunes. It seems mysterious and exciting. Take it as an extempore.

Whatever the reason, they’re fun and I accept that I look forward to people coming up with splendid and unique ideas for them. Bloggers out here have such a fertile imagination that some tags require a lot of hair-pulling and head-scratching to complete them! Some tickle your funny bone while some make you retrospect on certain untouched aspects of your lives.

There are bloggers who take up tags rightaway while some sit on them till they eventually have to drag themselves out of their laziness owing to peer pressure :). I’m sure everyone must have a different take on this whole ‘tag’ thing.What is it that drives you? Would love to know your thoughts on tags too. Share them with me.

10 thoughts on “The 'Tag' Bug

  1. My take on tag is simple..I love doing them..really…except one stupid question in almost every tag that is:what are you wearing ? I hate this question !!Yes I've done almost all the tags instantly without making the person who tagged me wait 🙂 Good girl I'm you see :DOh yes this reminds me I've 3 tags do now 🙂 Will get to WORK 😉 and of course will tag you on all of them…hahaha…tag bug that is 🙂

  2. I am with you with how I felt when I was tagged the first couple of times. Now they are just part of blogging. I try and do them in a timely manner but if one gets left behind, I don't think much about it either.For me tag is a way of knowing small personal things about various bloggers which generally don't come out in normal blog posts. And everyone's take on a tag is so different that they are a fun read 🙂

  3. I've enjoyed reading many a tag posts. You feel the immediate connect with people, when you think you've deciphered someone with the "secrets" they've just disclosed. It's a filler and it's funny to its fill!

  4. @Nu: You're one devil…you know that!! Think I must create another Hi-Five tag for you now 😛 :PI saw that tag…what did I ever do to deserve doing it??? Its soooooooooo long…but I'll try to be a good girl and do it fast! Promise! 🙂

  5. @Comfy: That's what I like about tags…they bring out those small private things about us that our normal posts don't. They're fun and I like to do them too (excluding those loooooong ones…I get tired…but I'll do the one Nu tagged me with!) 🙂

  6. @RGB: Everyone's answers are so different that the novelty factor makes them all the more interesting to read. I've had fun reading them too. And sure, they're fun filler posts indeed! 🙂

  7. Tags are a good way to increase traffic to your blog as well as make new friends, but apart from that when questions get very personal or inane, one tends to fool around with words and answers,which defeats the very purpose of the whole exercise! I loved doing your tag of Seven Random Things! 🙂

  8. @zephyr: True…if taken sportingly they can be real fun…but sometimes people ask awkward and personal questions too….I choose to ignore them and enjoy the funny ones :)I'm glad you liked doing the tag…I liked reading your answers too!! 🙂

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