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Changing mentality about Mental Health #CauseAChatter

A cat closes its eyes while drinking milk and thinks that no one is watching. Our understanding about mental health isn’t much different from it. We carry on with our lives indifferent to the illusion of hiding what’s really going on. However, are we right in assuming that only unhappy people go into depression? Is… Read More Changing mentality about Mental Health #CauseAChatter

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Chintu ka Birthday on ZEE5: Your Weekend Watch

We have an interesting repertoire of war-based movies in Indian cinema. From invoking patriotism to making us realize the futility of lives lost, we’ve seen it all. However, few stories have the ability to tug at your heart strings with the simplicity of the message they put across. Chintu ka Birthday on ZEE5 is one… Read More Chintu ka Birthday on ZEE5: Your Weekend Watch

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Working on Emotional Wellness #CauseAChatter

The helplessness when you feel you’re despondent, the relief when you catch the bus by a whisker, the distress after a sudden roadblock appears or the ecstasy when you hit the jackpot; emotions, positive and negative, play a huge role in inspiring our lives. We may choose to accept or deny it but getting emotional… Read More Working on Emotional Wellness #CauseAChatter