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Dabbling in oil paint: When balcony walls became a piece of art!

Creativity is an exhilarating addiction and a therapeutic release. It gives us a chance to express ourselves and take pride in the love, dedication and effort we invest in it. With every piece of art we create we form an unsaid relation with the muse, process, associated people and of course, the outcome itself.

In my bid to pack too much in my days, I unknowingly procrastinated what personally mattered more to me. Sometimes there’s a dream, wish and a hope, but not enough motivation to get things moving. A forgotten adult-colouring book and set of new sketch pens appeared few days ago while cleaning up Angel’s cupboard. The beautiful butterflies in it made me wonder, “Didn’t I want to paint these in my balcony? Why haven’t I done it yet?”

A quick call to an experienced G for tips and pointers and I was on. Knowing exactly what I wanted to paint (from even before we bought this house) was a big advantage. Being finicky and meticulous is a virtue sometimes. When it comes to decorating our home we can never be hasty, right?

I involved Angel (since A Jr was at school) right from the paint and paint-brush buying stage and let her select the colours. I drew on the rough surface with an old sketch pen and left ample room to improvise while painting. Sacrificing her afternoon nap she sat cross-legged, hands folded, shooting a steady stream of questions at me the whole time. It was distracting but I loved her interest and concern! 🙂

Me with my muse 🙂

When it comes to painting I’m an amateur at best. My measly talent doesn’t take too kindly of my imagination’s ambitious desires and usually tries to find a less-embarrassing way out. 😛 This time I managed to find a midway and set the bar slightly higher for myself. Why don’t you take a look and tell me if it was worth it?

The tree and bird-cage was my first painting. After its experience my grip on the brush got better, my strokes gained confidence and I learned to brave past the messy hands and stinking fingers. This painting and the vase are from my bedroom balcony. It’s very windy around here so paint brushes and caps frequently flew and landed on everything from the floor, the chair, my clothes and even my hair and face. Yuck! My kids threw a fit and made me leave work and clean the unwanted red blush on my face, pronto. 😀 😀

There’s another balcony which will have some elaborate Warli painting but not anytime soon. 😉

The cherry blossom tree, swing and butterflies paintings are on the living room balcony walls. The silhouette is my best work till date and I’m totally in love with it! Angel deciphered at a glance that the kids on the swing were she and her Bhaiya (as intended). The butterflies quickly became A’s favourites and he loves their vibrant colours. Angel asks things like “How do our plants eat when they don’t have a mouth?” but thankfully spared me from asking whether the butterflies will fly away. Phew! 🙂

A Jr, well, the boy is growing beyond his years. He was amazingly patient through it all and summed up his feelings in one line, “Mamma, you can do anything and so well.” God, my heart would just explode someday. Its not just kids who look at their parents for approval. It is true the other way round too!

After slogging for two days back to back I feel accomplished and can’t help flaunting it to one and all. Not to mention how thrilled my kids are about it. A was bowled over and impressed with another feather added to my cap. It might not be a flawless professional job but the fact that it is my art is enough to make it special. Isn’t it? 🙂

16 thoughts on “Dabbling in oil paint: When balcony walls became a piece of art!

  1. I loved all your wall art, Varsha, with the children on the swing, the tree with birds and the butterflies being my absolute favourite.
    Bet the kids are thrilled, and rightly so!
    Aren’t your neighbours placing orders for you to brighten their balconies too?

  2. Those are indeed great art pieces. The appreciation you get from kids creates feelings beyond words. It becomes a sense of achievement when we get appreciated by kids.

  3. You have made the balcony a reflection of nature, these are so nice. Good to know about your effort and skill,to some extent i also like to do the same thing and presently decorating my bathroom with my paintings(third graded i guess).

  4. This is not “amateurish” by any measure. These are amazing art-works.

    Are you self-taught? 🙂 Would love to know how did you start painting? I, too, want to learn it.

  5. Wow you indeed did a marvelous job with the painting. This actually made me think why to opt for wall stickers when one can paint her heart out to bring her imaginations alive on the walls!

  6. Awesome art! Very well done! Thoughtful drawings You got a great compliment from your kid too!
    They will be inspired to be like their artistic mom! Best wishes for the Warli art.

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