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Life of Pie #Barathon Day 2

She hated herself. She hated her parents. She hated everyone! What had she done to deserve this? Why did she have to pay the price for someone else’s doing? If not then, they sure could’ve consulted her on this later on?

Her name, and also her nick name, was Pie. It so happened that her mother was baking a Pumpkin pie when she went into labour. In addition to that, at twelve pounds Pie was a beautiful and round-like-a-pie baby. Both her parents had a sweet tooth and having heard the story behind naming of Apple Computers they felt it would be kind of quirky and innovative to name her after their favourite dessert. Sigh! 

Pie spent her entire childhood being picked upon by her friends for her different name. She disliked it so much that for the longest time she refused to have pie! Her mother tried to cajole her that it signified that she was sweet and desirable but she would have none of it. As she grew up she considered getting her name changed officially but the love and happiness of her parents stopped her in the tracks. 🙁

It was all in the past now though. After assisting her ailing mother with her still pouring-in baking orders, over time Pie developed a deep liking for baking. Her daringly inventive methods of subtly mixing flavours and creating designs while maintaining the traditional festive charm soon made her a famous name. Pie, the food as well as her name, didn’t seem so bad anymore.

She had maintained a food blog for four years and finally decided to graduate to her own domain. Sitting in front of her computer, Pie was now looking at the design of her swanky new website. Christmas, Easter, birthdays or anniversaries, she had something to offer for every occasion. It was an extension of her, her dream, and it was only fitting to call it 🙂

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