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Relax ~ Weekly Photo Challenge

A cup of coffee, a good book, a walk down the road, a good movie, engaging in creative activities, spending time with family or friends or simply surrendering in the lap of sleep; all of us have some or the other way to relax our stressed, tired or overworked brain cells.

It is amazing how a simple moment we managed to capture years ago suddenly turns therapeutic and nostalgic. Thanks to this prompt, I decided to sift through some old family albums and nosedived into a bagful of beautiful memories of my parents, my in-laws, our newlywed days and most importantly, my lovely kids! 🙂

The two important men in my life ~ Dad strolling with AJr on the beach
Architecture or illumination..there is something magical about stupas
A Jr writing on the sand for the first time!
Angel pressing her lips against the glass in the train to feel the cold 🙂

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  1. Beautiful moments of relaxation captured Varsha. Scribbles in the sands of time and gazing into nature from the glass pane. both are super clicks ????????

    1. Thanks Radhi…I loved the way you explained those pictures. ????????

      1. My pleasure????

        1. ????????

  2. Lovely pics mam.. God bless

    1. Thanks Bikram! How’s the weekend?

      1. Weekend is good.. how about yours…

        1. Okayish. Angel got a vaccine and is a bleak shadow of her usual self. Bedridden with a swollen leg. ????

          1. Oh no… I hate injections

          2. I do too…but what to do. Immunisation is necessary! 🙁

  3. Total aww pics…loved the one on beach 🙂

    1. Thanks Uma. I love beaches. Had to cut down on many or it would become a beach post. ???? Finally settled for two.

      1. Then do a beach post 😉

        1. Haha..good idea! The other poor ones shouldn’t feel left out right? ????

          1. Totally

          2. ????

  4. Beautiful capture’s Varsh!

    1. Thanks Sumith. Glad you liked them! ☺

  5. Wow, beautiful Varsha, all the precious moments frozen in time. 🙂

    1. Thanks Perfy! The clicking obsession does amount to something, somewhere. Priceless memories! ????

      1. Yup, specially a few years down!

        1. Few years…I start getting nostalgic even after seeing Angel’s newborn pics. ????????

  6. Hehehe…I cannot deny you, my dear, i feel the same, is it a mother thing?

    1. Indeed! Mothers, with their hearts full of generous awws at everything their kiddo does, want to hold on to the tiniest bit of memory they can. For future. ????

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