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Back to where I belong :)

My vacation is over and I can’t be more thankful for it. Haven’t we heard that the grass is always greener on the other side? Until we go out there and find it out for ourselves there’s no way we’d know that from there our side looks greener too! Something similar happened to me. I couldn’t wait to leave the boring summer afternoons and humidity of Mumbai behind and have a blast with my family. Once there, it took me less than a week to realize just how much I’ve actually started to love and miss this place.

There was my parents and occasionally my brother with us but I had a long face at least once in a day since I missed A a lot! Not to mention that I worried endlessly about his eating habits since he’d had to eat out and sometimes confessed skipping his meals altogether because he was dreading eating alone. A Junior kept himself busy with breaking new glasses of Grandma, personally identifying and throwing out the contents of each drawer that he could reach out to and open, literally dragging Grandpa out to have a long drive in the car and howling loudly until he relented to his wishes, and on and on and on. The cutest thing was when he’d talk gibberish with A on phone no end and see his pictures and brightly smile and point him out.

At my in-laws’ place the story was different. A Junior had the greatest time with my nephew who’s all of 2 months! He’d pull his hands, pat him, kiss him and pamper him. Sometimes he was the protective elder brother who wouldn’t let any stranger touch him and sometimes he was a very possessive son who wouldn’t tolerate me even carrying the kid in my arms! He’d insist that we all treat him like we treated the baby. It was funny but very adorable. He’d shout and call out for us the moment the kid cried and make us attend to him, not realizing that it was his own violent love that disturbed his sleep.

I’d missed such family moments for a long time, but now that I’m back I don’t see myself leaving A and my home behind (which by the way was miraculously clean when I came. Kudos to A!) anytime soon. There are certain things we get habituated to and subconsciously start taking them for granted. We water our grass and take very good care of it, the other side however always appears greener. Isn’t this human nature? 🙂

16 thoughts on “Back to where I belong :)

  1. coming home to a clean house is bliss, especially when u r expecting the worst :)And do write more about Junior A's impish behaviour. I love reading about real life Calvins 🙂

  2. Yeah G you're first! :)I tried to act very cool lest A would get the feeling that I should be thankful and all…but he did manage it pretty well :)Sure thing…A Junior does plenty of 'new' things everyday..sometimes its tough for me to keep up with him…he has learnt to say his name too! 🙂

  3. hi Varsha welcome back…it was nice to see u back home and as u back to the normal routine , i m at my parents home enjoying …:-)

  4. How sweet is A…I'm dying to meet him..may be sometime in July 🙂 Well,I know this feeling..though I desperately look forward to my trip to my parents' house I'm till last moment unsure whether I want to go leaving H behind…1-2 days is still fine but more than that confuses my priorities 🙂 That's life 🙂 we are tied both sides !

  5. Welcome bk Varsh :)He’d shout and call out for us the moment the kid cried and make us attend to him, not realizing that it was his own violent love that disturbed his sleep .. ha ha, isn't he the cutest .. lotz of luv to Junior 🙂 I wanna read more abt him too :DAnd returning to a clean house is soo nice 🙂

  6. @rohini: Yeah it feels good to be back home…you're in delhi? How are you doing? Take care of yourself…the heat there is horrible… Enjoy! 🙂

  7. @Nu: I know…I was so excited to finally get a break but I started resenting it earlier than I'd expected…if A had been with us I wouldn't have cared as much I guess..Don't tell me about meeting unless there's a concrete plan…I don't want to have high hopes..I'll look forward to when you'll make a confirmed plan…you'll have fun with A Junior…he's getting naughtier everyday 🙂

  8. @CB: It feels good to come back too…Thanks CB! :)I missed you guys too…wished I had my laptop with me..probably I'd have written everyday! 🙂

  9. @Swaram: Heyyy dear..Am I happy to be back or what! :)He is very cute…and there's these cute things he does that make me love and pamper him even more..I'll surely write more about him :)Yupp…the clean house was a surprise…I could see A's bragging eyes 😉

  10. A clean house..that you don't have to work on, in order to clean up.. hmm..where do I sign up 😛 :PA Jr. is the best..and probably had the best time out of everyone.. so go A Jr. go 😀

  11. Theres not a day when I haven't wished we lived say in a hill station or say in Manali or Shimla.My city is deadly hot….. 44 degrees to be exact.But when we do go out on vacation, after a while I really do begin to miss my place!!Newayz….good to know ur back!!!! 🙂

  12. @Comfy: Oh dear..the clean house is like once in a lifetime luxury 😛 Don't sign up :POh yeah he had the best time…he knows how to get pampered…where to give cute smiles and where to make an innocent face :)He's my prince 🙂

  13. @Vyazz: That's what I meant…anything new or different is good only for some time…its the familiarity we yearn :)Good to hear from you too…how've you been?

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