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A piece of seamed memories #1

Taking inspiration from Titaxy, I’d like to share few lines that I’d penned during my graduation years. In these lines I’ve tried to show the thoughts and desires of a romantic and dreamy eyed teenager. I think all of us would be able to identify with this:

Whenever I’m lonely I think of you,
And all the beautiful moments that we’ve spent too,
Amongst the crowd of a hundred men,
You’re the one who made my heart’s desire come true.

Alone lying on the bed,
I remember the time when you had said,
That I’m the one who enlightened your life,
That I’m the one for whom your heart fled.

Your memories make me feel your presence,
They bring back the moments of love and happiness,
The cool breeze that touches my face,
Brings along with it, your charming essence.

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  1. Very nice.It's my first visit to our blog and am enjoying it here.Keep up the wonderful work :)Cheers!!

  2. Hey Chatterbox…Thanks!!I just read your blog and have added you, please finish the story soon….

  3. Wonderful!Meaningful lyrics..well for a romantic dreamy eyed teenager!(me) :PTitaxy is quite an inspiration isnt she? :DIf you could,please include the option to comment using Name/Url,it would be very helpful! Matt

  4. Hi Matt…Thanks!!Indeed she's an inspiration…after reading her poem I recalled my own!!I'll include the option..definitely..thanks for asking me to do so 🙂

  5. 🙂 Nice.

  6. how nice!!! loved these lines – "Your memories make me feel your presence,They bring back the moments of love and happiness,"awesome, Varsh..

  7. Hey Varsh, came over from titaxy's blog… You write really well. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  8. Hey G, Titaxy and Sakhi..Thanks! :)Glad you liked it..Will share a few more in future…

  9. I like that line " the cool breeze that touches my face" It always brings back memories, I think not only for a dreamy-eyed teenagers, but for all in love with that special somebodyGood One Varsh:)

  10. Awesome . Keep up the good work 🙂

  11. @Misty: Thanks dear…would definitely try to…like I said I enjoy writing myself! 🙂

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