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Are you obsessed?

Why is obsession always taken as a negative emotion?

How would a musician manage to spend hours or days together perfecting a tune or a sculptor patiently and delicately chip off tiny redundant pieces off his treasured creation if they weren’t focussed and fixated about it?

Isn’t being obsessed about something entail dedication and commitment?

19 thoughts on “Are you obsessed?

    1. Yes. We often forget that the masters of any art have dedicated their entire lives for it. That’s a lot of years, not just hours. They cannot br where they are unless they obsessively go after it!
      Thank you for being here.

  1. What’s wrong with being obsessed ? . If I was not obsessed about writing a Book , I could have never written : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara ( book on short stories ) now in 105 libraries & 14 countries . Wrote my first book at 63 .

    1. I have no problems with being obsessed. I think it is a way to show how desperately committed you are to a certain thing.
      You wrote your book at 63!? Wow…that’s great! Will try to get a copy of it. I have one such dream, but haven’t taken it seriously yet.

        1. No…close though. ????
          Must’ve been quite a journey to keep your thoughts and ideas collected for so long. Many give up on the way. I’m glad you didn’t.

  2. Rajiv sir what you have done is really emulative…I head read the reviews of your book and will definitely try getting and reading it very soon…I can very well relate to the life of a Govt. Servant ..????????

  3. People stereotype things based on their majority experience..People have seen that how obsession of an invidual has often led to turmoil for himself and people around him…Even in some cases where the outcome has been positive there are some persons suffering pain…Mahatma Gandhi was obsessed to get India attain freedom and was idolised by many…but his own children did not have good memories of him as a father so may be his obsession made them suffer…Good post ????????

    1. There are many examples where someone’s obsession became someone else’s punishment. That’s why the term itself has gained a negative outlook. But yes, like you said it does have positive repurcussions. I wanted to highlight that side of it.
      Thanks Parijat. You nailed it. Exactly what I was trying to convey.

      1. Thanks Vasha ????. Just wish to stretch the discussion a bit further..There are situations when we human get obsessed about certain situations..even to the point of causing distractions..While great thinkers like Osho have advised not to put your thoughts under control and let iy think itself out other worldly wise people have suggested strict restriction on what one thinks as in “mann ko bhatakne se rokna”…..What could be the better approach in such situationss..

        Before i turn into mini Osho of sort let me change the topic..We watched Mohanjodaro yesterday and its good ???????? kids too took it well ????. Might try Rustam today ????????.

        1. We are all mini Oshos. ???? Let us continue the discussion.
          The thing about thoughts is, like pimples, they reappear if not treated properly. It would need us to become complete saints to have control over our thoughts, isn’t it? Many times it is our thoughts that help us get a feeling of achievement or help create things. I feel as long as we learn to channelise them in the right direction they should be allowed to take flight. What say?
          You liked Mohenjodaro? Hmm…will give it a try. We were on a tiny Mumbai darshan spree yesterday. Took the kids to the zoo, museum, beach and also shopping. ????

          1. ????????Let me summarize what you have said: 1. Thoughts are inevitable and 2. We need to process thoughts to something positive or productive…????
            Visited brahmakumaaris by chance today..will write a blog post on that today????

            Do watch the movie and tell your views on it..Try to avoid crowded public place during this time..There is a declared alert..hope you understand..

          2. My six pence on the matter, that’s all. ☺ Will look forward to your blog post on brahmakumaris.
            Let’s see if we catch a movie show. Not sure yet. Yes, the high alert is inevitable every year. Ironic, since we’re celebrating our Independence Day. Thanks for reminding Parijat. ☺

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