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  1. I am already drooling…

    1. This was my dinner today….i was dying of hunger but still took the pic ????????

      1. Wow… Though I already had my dinner, I am still drooling.. 🙂

        1. Haha…this is Punjabi thali…i loove dal makhani…by the end there’s no place in the tummy but still can’t stop ????

          1. Haha 🙂 what was the paneer dish? Malai?

          2. Arre whichever dish it is..there’s one spoonful of malai over it anyway…this was paneer makhani

          3. Yummmmmmm.. Any paneer dish is yum isn’t it 😉

          4. Ohh yes…and i love paneer in any form…tikka…bhurji…makhani…pasanda…. anything!
            I think i just had a tiny food**sm ????????????????

          5. Hahaha:-P 😀 😀 😀

          6. ????????????

          7. Oh i forgot paneer chilly ????
            I make lots of paneer dishes at home. Lesser oil and masalas too can make it yum. ????

          8. Same here varsha.. I make paneer ghee roast. It’s the yummiest dish ever 😀

          9. Oh wow…mind sharing the recipe? I love playing with flavours. Even a slight change makes it a new innovation. ☺

          10. Yes yes 🙂
            Garlic-ginger paste, haldi, kasuri methi and curd for marinating paneer.
            Grind dry red chillies (soaked) to a smooth paste.
            In a pan, add ghee, curry leaves (optional), chilli paste. Fry till all the raw smell of chilli goes away. Add marinated paneer and fry. Use loads of ghee Varsha. Makes the dish yummier. Suppose you want to make this for breakfast, prepare the dish the previous night. Let the paneer soak up all flavors.

          11. Wowww….this is slightly similar to the paneer tikka i make. But i don’t add the ginger-garlic and chilli paste. See, that’s your twist. ????
            Next time i will make it your way. Loads of ghee…have to remember that. ????
            Thanks Rekha. ????????

          12. You’re welcome Varsha :-* :-*
            There are different recipes for this dish. I checked few in the internet and tried. Few say add chilli powder. But using chilli paste instead of red chilli powder gives this dish a nice taste. 🙂

          13. Oh wow…you too hunt for recipes like this on the internet. Yay! ( I don’t know why this made me happy ????)
            I watch cookery shows a lot. My current favourite is Northern Flavours on Living Foodz.
            You’re right. I guess the paste retains the tanginess of the chillis better. Must be tasting better too.
            ( Am I trying to sound like an expert here? ????)

          14. Yep. I have this book in which I note down recipes.. My mum uses it when she wants to cook something special 🙂
            I too watch a lot of cookery shows.. No favorites though 🙂

          15. Hmm…I tried keeping a book but I’m too lazy. I buy books instead or save the links and screenshots. Patience isn’t my virtue. ????
            I borrow my mom’s books. She has loads of them.

          16. We usually cook only mangalorean style dishes at home. So sometimes mum says she’s bored of eating the same thing. That is when my recipe book comes into use 🙂
            Mum’s also purchased tarala dalaL’s books, sometimes she sees recipes from there.

          17. Oh! My dad’s very fussy about food so at our place there were mostly traditional or ‘known’ recipes. Mom didn’t bother experimenting much as long as I was there. It was my job. ☺
            I personally love to cook and take tips from anywhere and anyone. Just like you gave me one right now. ☺

          18. In our house, mum dad love oily and fried food. I hate it. I don’t have breakfast if it’s puri.. 😀 puri is like everybody’s favorite but not mine. Not health conscious, but I feel nauseated the whole day if I eat anything oily. But I am ok with ghee or butter 🙂

          19. Haha…i hardly ever fry anything at home. Anything oily is just for the husband and kids. I used to like it but now i just can’t process it.
            I like dal…in paratha…i love its taste!

          20. I meant ditto for no.oily food.. And ghee in paratha and dal. 🙂

          21. Birds of the same feather. ☺☺

  2. Badhia hai 🙂 🙂

    1. Wo to hai ☺☺

  3. Whatttttttttttttt…

    Not fair at alll. ..


    1. Ha ha ha ????????????

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