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Role Reversal

All mothers are crazy, period! They exaggerate their kid’s smallest achievements, they feign indifference to people’s complaints against them, they adore their silly obsessive habits, they practice extreme caution when it comes to their health and well-being, they over-react at the smallest glitch regarding anything related to them, and…so on and so forth.

I’m saying all this while being well aware of the fact that I’m included in this generic but to-the-point indicative list of ‘compulsive-n-paranoid’ mother traits. What led me to suddenly come up with this? Let me tell you..

It so happened the other day that I was finishing up some work in the kitchen (grudging and sulking) late at night. While I was at work the father and son duo were having a blast; pillow fight, horse-riding on Papa’s back, cycling, dancing. Displaying extreme pride over being a good father, A said he’ll cut an apple for A Jr and make sure he eats it.

I was mildly surprised (and I swear I even blushed a bit) when A came to me with an apple slice and offered to feed it to me. Well aware of his habit of restlessly shoving one full slice in my mouth to save time (and spoil the whole romance along with ) I begged him to leave it aside for me to have it later.

What A did after that was completely unexpected! I thought I heard him tell A Jr, ‘Jaao Mamma ko apple khilake aao’ (go feed Mom the apple slice) but wasn’t sure if I heard it right. Right I was indeed! There came my cute little prince armed with an apple slice and the most killing smile in the world and extended the slice towards me. When I tried to take it from his hands he flatly refused and asked me to bend down. I obliged. I couldn’t believe my destiny and was almost in happy tears when he fed me the whole slice, no rushing, no hurrying, allowing me to chew it properly, all the while flashing that million dollar smile! *Getting all emotional again!* 🙂 🙂

It was a sight to behold. I wonder why it never struck me to take a video. May be some moments are best kept that way? I remembered all the times when I got all restless and squirmy while feeding him and felt immensely guilty for them. How true, kids teach us valuable lessons in the most unusual ways. And we mothers always take pleasure in accepting that our kids outshine and outlearn us, at any age whatsoever.

So, crazy justified??  🙂 🙂

25 thoughts on “Role Reversal

  1. Ah…we're all the same, huh? When I read the opening lines, my face went flush with guilt, because I'd just then finished bragging about my kids to a colleague of mine, Becky did this, Becky did that…Awww, that's so sweet. True, kids teach us much more than we can imagine. To start of with – Patience. A hug for A Jr. for that sweet gesture and the million-dollar smile!

  2. @G: Oh yes..he gets these bouts of displays of caring and concern…and those are such emotional moments…glad my Calvin is a complete package! 🙂

  3. @RGB: We're all in the same boat dear…you'll never find a mother who'll not love bragging…it comes with the tag…and we're rightly entitled to it!! :)Kids are so innocent…they see through things…they're not confused like us…that's why its fun to learn from them :)Will give your hugs to A Jr…

  4. @Nu: Arre…sach mein…all tech gadgets at my place are acting up…mere mobile ka keypad thik se nahi chal raha…can't type a message…cant even make calls at times…have to get it repaired 🙁 🙁

  5. oh …that was so sweet….tkids teach us many things…and ur post is little similar to mine latest one…where i too have mentioned the kids teachings to us…:)

  6. Hey Varsha, you appear not to have updated my site. I have posted thrice more after that one displayed on yours! Would love your comment on the latest. 🙂

  7. aww aww aww..I would be laying there in a pool of tears if something like that happened to me..I can so understand what you wrote..And A jr..you are the best.. loads of hugs to you sweetheart 🙂

  8. @Celly: Oh yaaa….I felt like I was on top of the world….I couldn't stop hugging and kissing A Jr over and over again and he didn't seem to mind it a bit! It was very cute 🙂

  9. @rohini: How true…its the innocence in kids that makes them see through things na…we complicate them so much…I read your post dear…it was very sweet…Neil is such a lovely boy!! Am sure you must be having a blast with him!! 🙂

  10. @zephyr: Wow…thanks for such a big compliment!:)I so agree with you…people keep telling me to make the most of these years 'se they fly away too quickly..and I hate to admit but I too feel sometimes that A Jr is growing a bit too fast :(I'm so sorry…I haven't been able to catch up with you…didn't update your site…didn't read your blog…and replied so late. My laptop is spoilt, so it gets tough to come online now. Hope it gets fixed soon!

  11. @Comfy: Seriously…I was short of words…didn't know what to do…A stood at a distance relishing the deepness of that moment…I silently thanked him with my eyes…and A Jr looked over…God that moment was simply undescribable! I couldn't thank God enough for giving me so much…a loving husband and an angelic kid! *Sob sob sob*

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