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Mothers can raise their sons right

Parenting is tricky and a constant struggle not just with our own upbringing and instincts but also with what is taught and followed by the ever-increasing brigade of know-it-all helicopter parents. There is so much of debate nowadays about what we’re supposed to do that what we like doing sadly takes a backseat. As parents,… Read More Mothers can raise their sons right

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My permanent profession ~ Motherhood #MondayMommyMoments

We like it when things are laid threadbare to us, are simple to understand and most of all, don’t challenge the thoughts and beliefs we’ve grown up with. Introducing even a slight twist in this arrangement can sometimes rattle us. Since forever we’ve been fed the notion that mothers have to be sacrificial lambs by… Read More My permanent profession ~ Motherhood #MondayMommyMoments

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How to choose a safe mosquito killer for your family

Out of the many things that amused me as a new bride, the evening ritual of securing our home from mosquitoes by lighting a total of three mosquito coils in different corners of our huge living room was the strangest. While everyone else in our family was accustomed to them, almost everyday I broke into… Read More How to choose a safe mosquito killer for your family

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5 untold things about Motherhood #MondayMommyMoments

  I belong to the generation that has been witness to some of the most life-altering situations in terms of social perceptions. From seeing our homemaker mothers at our beck and call all day and having our fathers perform few household chores, we are acclimatising ourselves to the changing equations where both parents are bread-earners… Read More 5 untold things about Motherhood #MondayMommyMoments

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Caught red-handed #FridayFotoFiction

She bit her lip to avoid screaming out loud whenever her smooth skin brushed against the rough greasy interior of the car trunk. She felt disgusted, filthy but this was imperative. His behaviour of late had aroused a lot of suspicion. His offhand attitude paired with frequent implausible excuses had made her take this extreme… Read More Caught red-handed #FridayFotoFiction