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Reconnect with Nature #CauseAChatter

Remember those childhood days when catching butterflies, climbing trees or even playing in the mud gave us a thrill? There was an unbridled delight in the way elements of nature seamlessly gelled in our everyday life. We excitedly collected different types of leaves for our school project and goofingly tried to mimic bird sounds for… Read More Reconnect with Nature #CauseAChatter

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A lifestyle change for the environment

Can a small lifestyle change go a long way in contributing towards the betterment of our environment? Yes it can. Just as we’re creating awareness about banning plastic, recycling waste or planting tress, going for eco-friendly options wherever possible is the road ahead for us. What truly matters is moving out of our comfort zone… Read More A lifestyle change for the environment

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Bold and beautiful blouse designs for the lady in you!

Saree is one garment that makes every woman look pretty. It suits every body type and is the perfect way to celebrate womanhood with elegance. It is an integral part of our culture and any Indian festival or occasion is incomplete without it. However, the one thing that completes a saree and takes its grace… Read More Bold and beautiful blouse designs for the lady in you!