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Hypochondria: Symptoms and Tips #CauseAChatter

The pandemic has introduced us to two curiously interesting types of people; painfully over-cautious and idiotically fearless. While on one side people were consuming winter kadhas in the scorching summer heat, others were attending protests and rallies, rejecting vaccines, and moving around without masks. As I patiently witnessed all this crazy mayhem from the comfort… Read More Hypochondria: Symptoms and Tips #CauseAChatter

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Healthy Oats Idli with Sprouts and Rava

Breakfast and evening snacks are two of the most underrated meals of the day. A nutritious and fulfilling breakfast keeps your spirits and energy levels up for the entire day and must be prepared fresh and consumed warm. Evening snacks unless planned beforehand can make one veer towards junk foods like chips, cookies, sandwiches, noodles,… Read More Healthy Oats Idli with Sprouts and Rava