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Food and Social Media #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

“You like cooking and experimenting with food, why don’t you open an Instagram account and share pictures?” Tossing new ingredients together and giving twists to traditional recipes was always my hobby but this random suggestion by a friend of mine instigated me to venture into the unknown territory of food photography, an exercise I confess… Read More Food and Social Media #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

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Celebrate womanhood with these must-watch movies this #WomensDay

Whether we see them or not movies are an undeniable part of our lives. Toddlers nowadays hear and parrot movie songs before they learn nursery rhymes, teenagers leer lasciviously over the increasing liplocking on screen, Bollywood dancing is fast becoming a rage while content-driven cinema beckons genuine movie-lovers. No one is left untouched! 🙂 Pay… Read More Celebrate womanhood with these must-watch movies this #WomensDay

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5 helpful tips to follow while decorating your new home

Standing in front of a leather sofa that looked chic and inviting but appeared slightly bigger for the area I was setting it up in, the somersaulting confused thoughts in my mind craved for a break. Sadly, the ‘you cannot have everything every time but there’s no harm in trying’ logic doesn’t work when it… Read More 5 helpful tips to follow while decorating your new home

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Khaate peete ghar ki ladki :-)

The three people disapproved my presence for different reasons and at varied degree, generously making it crystal clear for me. The man, with his flaring nostrils and intimidating eyes emitting invisible death rays, was furious but controlled, acknowledging the decency of the place. The woman, hopeful but resigned to the fate of my choice, empathized… Read More Khaate peete ghar ki ladki 🙂

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City Always Eats #Guestpost by Anagha Yatin

Hi everyone! It is 15th February and I’m back with the second guestpost for the year by Anagha Yatin. Anagha is warm, supportive and one of the most motivational person/blogger I’ve met online. Because of her indomitable spirit, sharp wit and thoughtful words she has garnered a lot of fans in the blogosphere in a… Read More City Always Eats #Guestpost by Anagha Yatin