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Back when we were kids and needed to fill up any forms where parents’ occupation needed to be mentioned, I remember putting ‘housewife’ in the blank for Mom’s. It was an accepted term and no second thought was given to it. Mom seemed completely alright with it too. Our generation, however, has found new ways… Read More The SAHM

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The Game of India

With the rain playing havoc in Mumbai, getting out with Angel has become very difficult. Apart from the essential groceries there isn’t much I go out for these days, but something I truly miss shopping for are books. Not only for me but also for A Jr. I got this Student’s General Knowledge Encyclopaedia for… Read More The Game of India

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For your eyes only

What happens when a child discovers wax crayons, pens, sketch pens, pencils or anything that leaves an imprint when scribbled with? First thing : The walls of your house are smeared and smudged with indecipherable graffiti, are grossly defaced and give you sore eyes. Similarly, what happens when a jerk who gets an affordable smart… Read More For your eyes only