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Mothers can raise their sons right

Parenting is tricky and a constant struggle not just with our own upbringing and instincts but also with what is taught and followed by the ever-increasing brigade of know-it-all helicopter parents. There is so much of debate nowadays about what we’re supposed to do that what we like doing sadly takes a backseat. As parents,… Read More Mothers can raise their sons right

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Celebrate womanhood with these must-watch movies this #WomensDay

Whether we see them or not movies are an undeniable part of our lives. Toddlers nowadays hear and parrot movie songs before they learn nursery rhymes, teenagers leer lasciviously over the increasing liplocking on screen, Bollywood dancing is fast becoming a rage while content-driven cinema beckons genuine movie-lovers. No one is left untouched! 🙂 Pay… Read More Celebrate womanhood with these must-watch movies this #WomensDay

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Extending a helping hand #SuperBloggingChallenge2018

No matter how well-meaning our intentions and actions might be, sometimes even a slight error in judgement on our part can sour relationships and deter us from extending a helping hand to someone who could really use it at that point of time. Feeling remorse probably isn’t enough, yet I’m hoping a heartfelt apology would… Read More Extending a helping hand #SuperBloggingChallenge2018

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Even in my worst I’m best with you, Yeah! #ThankfulThursdays

We never know when, where and how we will run into them. We may take a fair amount of time to completely decipher what ticks them. We will have our share of furious disagreements with them. We may be as different from them as chalk and cheese. Yet, being with them will assure us that… Read More Even in my worst I’m best with you, Yeah! #ThankfulThursdays

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The Party #FridayFotoFiction

“You know I don’t like this ‘Work hard, Party harder’ lifestyle.” he had carped under his breath. She had heard it anyway. “You cannot tell me what to do. I haven’t asked you how to conduct my life. We aren’t having this conversation again, ever!” she had blasted at him and banged the door hard… Read More The Party #FridayFotoFiction