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My guide to easy peasy Sustainable Fashion

Remember how the red carpet looks on award shows, pricey weddings and festive outfits or bold new collections of celebrated designers stare back at us smugly from page 3 and glossy magazines? They indulge us, titillate our senses and make us crave that perfect everything. Call me boring but what interests me more is what happens… Read More My guide to easy peasy Sustainable Fashion

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DIY Bookmarks to spruce up your reading time (Part 1)

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. However, when you’re a mother, your creativity and innovative spirit inevitably increase by leaps and bounds. Whether it is picking up a paintbrush to accompany my girl’s painting endeavours or replicating complicated science drawings for my son, I have my hands full. Some things are… Read More DIY Bookmarks to spruce up your reading time (Part 1)

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Why ‘Thou shalt keep learning’ is my motto in life!

The other day I sat with Angel during her online Hindi classes. She’s in first grade and the virtual learning is proving a tad challenging while learning a new language. Added to it the constant commotion in a typical kiddo class punctuated with random chat messages and her annoyance knew no bounds (Yes, she’s a… Read More Why ‘Thou shalt keep learning’ is my motto in life!

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Does every love story need a closure? #30ColoursOfLove #Love

I’m a diehard romantic and my voracious appetite for all-things-love has been liberally supplemented with sumptuous helpings of Yash Chopra movies since childhood. A love story has a way of touching the deepest corners of our heart in the most intimate way. When Shahrukh Khan spread his arms wide in DDLJ and proclaimed ‘Come…fall in… Read More Does every love story need a closure? #30ColoursOfLove #Love

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My Life Around Books #StoryTellersBlogHop

“Chetan Bhagat ka book ekdum superhit hai Sir! Aur bhi hain, dekhoge?” I urged to the suited man before he disinterestedly rolled up his car window and sped off. I chided myself for deserting my father’s book stall and following the usual herd to the traffic signal in hope of some quick sale. He would… Read More My Life Around Books #StoryTellersBlogHop

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Renewed Self-love and other perks #MyFriendAlexa

In a world where exhausting our entire reservoir of love on others and their happiness is glorified, self-love is nauseatingly underrated. How many of us insist on setting aside dedicated hours in a day or week exclusively for our consumption? The things we do for ourselves are to be felt, experienced and treasured, every single… Read More Renewed Self-love and other perks #MyFriendAlexa