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Ethnic jewellery, sarees, art pieces and more for you on itokri

The best way to make a woman happy is to pamper her with all her favourite things. From ladies’ parties to extended spa visits, long drives to intimate coffee dates, or giving her some quality me time, there are many thoughtful things one can do. However, if you’re looking for something tangible and nostalgia-worthy then the latest fashion or exquisite jewellery comes to mind. Women can never have too much of anything and share a deep relationship with their priced possessions. Bought, inherited, or gifted, everything is special.

If you’re looking for something unique for your loved ones that’s both classy and elegant then itokri is where you must go. itokri is an e-commerce website that offers a wide variety of items like clothes, fabrics, stoles, jewellery, folk art, home and kitchen essentials, toys, facemasks, and what say you. Set against a white background with brilliant colourful images, it is easy on the eye and a delight to navigate. You can scroll down and explore different categories like their popular ones, bestsellers, and featured partners, exploring region-wise and more.

How is the itokri shopping experience and who would enjoy it?

All of us have memories of handing out lists to our friends and relatives travelling to exotic locations, don’t we? And why not, authentic folk art and merchandise were once available mostly locally and if anywhere else, were grossly overpriced. Added to that is the risk of breakage and weight and one would only hope to own those cute handmade toys and jewellery or beautiful woollens from the mountains.

Thanks to itokri, you can now pick and choose the best of art, sarees, personal care, home décor and other items right from the comfort of your home. What more, you can even discover traditional specialities of specific regions that you probably didn’t know before. India, after all, is the world’s best and biggest hub of all things related to culture, beauty, and grace. The best part is that this website has something for everyone; women, men as well as kids.

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What can I look forward to on this website and where should I begin?

As mentioned earlier, there’s a lot to explore. You can start by choosing the categories and then going to the sub-menus one by one. They’ve been clearly marked for your convenience and to make your shopping a fun experience. Interestingly, the ‘Best of’ tab will take you to literally the best there is!


Sarees are the epitome of grace and every woman loves to adorn herself with this beauty. India is home to some amazing handlooms that have signature styles, patterns and an unmistakable appeal. Silk and cotton sarees are extremely popular for their look and texture. You can choose from Chikankari, Kantha work, Pochampally, Kalamkari and many more beautiful weaves. Gift them to yourself, your friends, or your elders and become an instant favourite!

Home & Kitchen décor

Our home is our comfort place and deserves to be decorated with love, care and opulence. Home décor items are the trickiest to choose since they must match the upholstery and walls. Classic kitchen essentials like cutlery, crockery, coasters, etc give a rich and traditional feel to an otherwise regular dinner table. itokri has some beautiful options that are art-inspired, and unique as well as lend a definite luxurious feel to our home.


Jewellery is a woman’s guilty pleasure. Whether she’s a minimalist or loves to go all out, jewellery is a must-have. No matter what outfit she’s wearing, unless it is accessorized with matching knick-knacks her ensemble can’t be complete. Necklaces, bangles, earrings, noserings, toerings, etc in Sterling silver, German oxidized silver, cloth, terracotta, etc. are just some of the gorgeous offerings on itokri. Lovingly handcrafted, tribal jewellery, beads sets, etc can be worn with traditional and modern outfits to make a style statement. Sky and your creativity are the limits!

Stationery and toys

Cute notepads, diaries, pens and erasers are not limited to the kids’ zone alone. Adults love collecting them too and there’s a lot here to check out. Relive your old days by sending out sweet greeting cards to your loved ones. Along with it, you can choose some old-style dolls, toys and games for your kids to give them something interesting apart from screens.

Look around for personal care, gift cards, shawls, and more as per your need and liking. itokri provides shipping worldwide and also accepts payments in other currencies. It is a great way to get a glimpse of India that the world went out in search of. What better way to promote our indigenous brands and culture while retaining the Indian element, right?

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31 thoughts on “Ethnic jewellery, sarees, art pieces and more for you on itokri

  1. In short, itokri is a basket of all things Indian!
    I once came across this website when looking for some nice fabrics for my summer kurtas , after reading this post I just came to know that they stock great jewelry too , even better for me!

  2. Wow!! I have never checked this site, but seems have great collection for all what Indian choices we have. Thanks for sharing all this in details Varsha!!

  3. I just visited Itokri’s website and everything looks awesome, they really have an amazing collection. I really liked the variety of sarees and fabrics and also jewelery.

  4. itokri seems like the perfect destination for anyone who loves to indulge in unique, handcrafted and authentic items that showcase India’s rich culture and heritage. From sarees to jewellery, stationery to toys, there’s something for everyone to discover and enjoy. Will def check it out

  5. Everything you wish for from a particular site is something more than amazing. I am feeling very much happy on the fact that this place or shop has everything from saree to art pieces. How a lady becomes happy is something that you pointed out beautifully.

  6. I always learn something new when I visit your blog. I have not heard of Itokri. Looks like it has something for everyone. I will surely check it out.

  7. I am a fan and shopper of Itokri products for a long and if I am not wrong from the initial days of this store. I love the quality of collection this store offers in multiple segments. If you visit my house you will find many decorative items which I bought from the Itokri stores and even I am great at gifting people and gave many gifts to my friends and relatives from this store.

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    I never heard of this brand though , but after reading this post I just came to know that they stock great jewelry too , I will definately check out their products.

  11. iTokri is a good site though some of it is about expensive as they are handmade products. I have shopper with them a few times. Even the way they pack and send a personalized note with every purchase is quite unique.

  12. Not an Indian but I really find your jewelry and clothing very unique and beautiful! How it dangles and how you guys wear them really is great! Great article to share!!!

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