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8 New Year Resolutions you must make for life #CauseAChatter

I was introduced to the term ‘New Year resolution’ in school. Even as my friends excitedly shared their grand plans to secure better marks, hopefully, be nice to their siblings or confess to their crushes, I found myself utterly clueless. Did I have to wait for the calendar year to change to get moving? After the clock struck midnight did a fairy Godmother appear and grant all our wishes? Would I not achieve anything unless I put a word out to the universe?

Years later, the significance of this much-hyped exercise still doesn’t resonate with me. Blame it on the countless short-lived New Year resolutions people fashionably make that often don’t last beyond a week. We’re quick to make as well as break them, right? Hope is a four-letter word that ranks high on my word list though. I’m listing out a few resolutions that can easily be followed for a better life. Don’t let that number on your diary alone influence you and you’re set!

8 New Year Resolutions you must make for life #CauseAChatter_avibrantpalette

Declutter your mind

If we could clean the useless cached data in our minds with a simple click life would be bliss, wouldn’t it? For loss of an easier way, the onus of getting rid of damaging, negative thoughts lies on us alone. It isn’t healthy to hold on to them. Let go of things you can’t control, allow light and happiness to trickle down through the gaps and fill their place.

Random acts of kindness

The pandemic has humbled and taught us a lot. More than anything else, we’ve realised the importance of kindness. Whether it is our family we gave quality time to, neighbours who checked on us, or helpers who relentlessly toiled for us, we realised that true happiness lies in small things. Smile and be genuinely kind to someone, today. You never know who might need it.

Explore the world

Although travel isn’t advisable just yet, do make it a part of your plans. Travel is the best teacher and gives us priceless experiences for a lifetime. Go solo, with friends or family and see what the world is up to while we’re cooped up in our busy lives. Personally, there’s so much I’m yet to see in our Incredible India itself. Shall do that in the new year!

Keep a close tab on your finances

This applies to anyone who uses money, period. Making a budget helps plan expenses and avoid over-spending. Savings are our best bet for a rainy day and one must ensure that this stash only appreciates with time. Explore investment options like insurance policies, mutual funds, shares, debentures, etc, or take help from a financial advisor. Do remember to evaluate them periodically.

Go offline!

We’ve become so addicted to our gadgets that they’ve reached our dining tables and bathrooms as well. The virtual world is exciting and interesting but far removed from reality. Make it a practice to log off from your devices for a day every week and spend that time pursuing your hobbies. It will be far more fulfilling. Also, it isn’t mandatory to announce on social media that you’re going for a social media detox.

Get fit, not thin

As a fitness enthusiast, I can vouch for the mental and physical difference between losing weight and getting healthy. Don’t walk/run just because you want to shed flab and don’t stop because you have. Enjoy every physical activity that helps you get in shape and every small achievement that builds your attitude. This is a lifestyle change that deserves your time and attention.

Don’t miss health checkups

The biggest lie we keep telling ourselves is that ‘I’m fine’. Even as our body gives us subtle indications of distress we tend to ignore them until they’ve done irreparable damage. Health checkups *are not* doctors’ way of making money. They help identify nutritional deficiencies, minor ailments, health risks and take precautionary measures. Please don’t take them lightly.

Learn forgiveness

While it’s easy to harp about the wrongs done to you and hold grudges, for your own sake, forgive and move on. Like Buddha rightly said, “Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.” Don’t carry the resentments of the past into the new year. Make a fresh start. Every day is a new day.

Our thoughts have the power to influence our lives. Don’t wait for an opportune day or time to make positive changes in your life. New year or not, these resolutions can give you direction. Which ones are you following or want to take up? Do tell me.

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24 thoughts on “8 New Year Resolutions you must make for life #CauseAChatter

  1. Your have shared perfect pointers for making a balances new year resolution that will improve not only our mental and physical health but will improve our our all life quality too. I will surly keep all these suggestions in mind in upcoming year.

  2. I liked this list. They are very practical. Really liked the point ” be fit not thin”. Weight loss is one of the most common new year resolutions people make but they overdo it and end up affecting their health.

  3. These are all excellent as resolutions. Picked up a few to make my own. Travel the world, that is what we always like to do. We also want to take digital detoxes periodically and focus on health and fitness.

  4. Well I am truly grateful to almighty for everything and anything I have in my life. I am not into resolutions, I always go with the flow but your post made me pick one that is getting fit and not thin.

  5. A resolution can only become a way of life if we follow it consistently. I didn’t make any resolution this year but I’m on a weight loss journey for sure in 2022. The only reason I have not pursued my resolution to date is because of excuses.

  6. This year I decided not to make any resolutions and plans for the future. Because the last 2 years have taught me that plans don’t work as we expect them to be. I want to keep a positive mindset and do things I want to do without worrying about the future. The first one was travel and that’s what we are doing right now.

  7. Though I don’t believe in making new resolutions, but the list which you have shared is truly great. And we all should follow this for a lifetime. I have a positive mindset so I feel without taking the resolution I can follow this. The thing which I have to do is to be punctual and a disciplined person

  8. Very good goals in determining the perfect resolutions. I especially loved focus on becoming fit rather than thin. This is something I truly believe in and keep telling all my friends and family about it. I have not made any resolutions this year but I think I will start making some to keep me motivated.

  9. These are all worthy resolutions Varsha, and some of them really resonate with me – such as the get fit, not thin!

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