The year 2020 is nearing its end yet the world is still dragging its feet coming to terms with the collective fight against COVID-19. Over 33.5 million people have been infected worldwide, one million have lost their lives while the count of people indirectly affected with this loss of life is unimaginable. The one silver lining in these dark clouds is that lot many patients have fought back and recuperated completely.

After going through a never-heard-before complete lockdown India is currently in its fifth stage of unlock. Essential services and commodities were available unhindered while frontline warriors like doctors and policemen worked round the clock during this time. However, many other services were either shut down or continued with strict restrictions to avoid spreading of the coronavirus. Nevertheless, it was and is far from being controlled. Sharing a checklist of the few things you should insist upon for protecting yourself and your family during COVID-19 unlock.

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Social Distancing

The lockdown introduced us to a new term; social distancing. Our friendly visits to our neighbours stopped. We learnt to connect with friends and family on video calls. Grocery and milk vendors became our only point of contact with the outside world. However, now that malls, salons and most services are open, the need for social distancing is more acute. Restaurants are also opening in Unlock 5.0. Mask up if you want to survive, wear gloves where possible and please sanitise. The circles outside shops may have faded but don’t let your intellect fade. Keep safe distance.

Immunity Supplements

Immunity boosting has been a keyword in the past few months. People have finally woken up to the benefits of Ayurvedic kadhas and consuming a spoon of chyawanprash daily. Vitamin, zinc and other supplements have seen a steady increase too. That said, too much of everything can be harmful. Don’t gulp down anything without any medical knowledge. One medicine suits all isn’t a logical concept. Consult an expert before blindly popping any pills.

Digital Platforms

Visiting a doctor for consultation is now a thing of the past. There are many digital platforms that connect you to experts for your health concerns. Telemedicine is a reality and is only going to increase its hold in the near future. What better way to get your queries addressed while cocooned in your home, right? Also, blood, sugar and other tests can be conducted by collecting your samples at a convenient time. A novel way of getting seeking treatment indeed.

Stay Positive!

A healthy mind in a healthy body aka the psychosomatic effect. Remember Rajesh Khanna in Anand? A positive attitude has the potential to brighten up the gloomiest day. If you think you’re sick, you’ll probably be. Que sara sara. Fear of Covid-19 cannot, should not, make you forget living before its time to go!

Most of us have been vigilant and taken utmost safety precautions. Yet, the fact that we have crossed the 61 lakhs mark is proof that we’ve badly faltered somewhere. Whether we’re infected or have someone in our vicinity or not, we cannot compromise on our health, can we? Stay home, stay safe and remember, prevention is always better than cure.

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This is my eighth post in my Health and Wellness Series for #CauseAChatter. Do share your thoughts and suggestions with me!

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6 thoughts on “Health tips for COVID-19 Unlock phase #CauseAChatter

  1. Some very thoughtful pointers, Varsha. Immunity supplements are something I have not started and I particularly reply on the natural foods for increasing my immunity. Staying positive is another way that aids in a healthy lifestyle and helps staying fit. A good post!

  2. Great tips Varsha and you had covered it all. I agree we have to take extra precaution with this pandemic situation to be safe and stay healthy.

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