Women love sporting the trendiest clothes and jewellery and being the object of everyone’s attention. However, while selecting a bra most prefer to go the conservative way at best. Not anymore! Gone are the days when white and black were the only choices available. Shopping for a bra online has introduced us to a plethora of brands, designs, types etc. to cater to our needs and preferences.

Imagine having the perfect dress picked out for your special date but being in a knot about the right bra to go with it. Didn’t think it through before, did you? Or was the perfect one not as easily available in any store like the dress was? Don’t worry, since zivame bra offers you the best in terms of quality, design and style, all at your fingertip.

A bra is essentially for support but is it entirely just for that? We wear it daily and it is as personal to us as our toothbrush. So what goes through our mind while choosing a bra online? Is comfort the deal-breaker or our wild side begs to be addressed and allowed to take flight for a change?

Growing up!

My mom shopped for my inner wear and I only entered a lingerie store for the first time to shop for my honeymoon. My embarrassment when the man behind the counter asked for my size and choice was obvious! I passed that phase somehow but thankfully girls can now shop for a bra online without being self-conscious. This is the first step towards accepting your body and growing up.


Young girls, even women, sometimes have to deal with body shaming due to their breast size and may have low self-esteem issues. Thanks to padded and push up bras, they can sport any kind of dress fit elegantly and face the world with poise. Not just that, lacy and wired bras have some definite feel-good factor attached to them.

A statement

Believe it or not, your bra is your personal statement. You cannot choose or change your breast shape and size (without surgery, at least) but can camouflage your limitations effectively. Wearing the right fit shows that you’re self-aware and in control. Straps that peep out from your thin/ light dress or fall on your shoulders demonstrate your clumsy side. Also, selecting the right bra for t-shirts, blouse, salwar kameez etc represent your attention to detail.

Expressing self-love

Your complexion, weight, profession or nature might influence your dressing style but your bra is for you! You can flaunt crazy prints, bold patterns or vibrant colours and fall in love with your reflection, every day. Choose fabrics that fit seamlessly on your curves and shades that flatter your skin tone. Order a bra online and make it an intimate form of self-expression.


Just like that antique vase or grandfather’s clock, a bra is a collectible. Daily wear, padded, bralette, bandeau, sports, strapless, convertible, etc there are many types of bras, all serving a different purpose. You need one for every dress or occasion and can never have too many of them. Loosen your purse strings and pamper yourselves with whatever suits your fancy!

Bras have come a long way from being talked about in hushed tones to being showed off with pride and elegance. Women are now looking at them as more than a mere garment. Buying a bra online allows us to browse through the latest trends and avail good discounts too. Brands are going all out to offer the best in the market to us. Why not take advantage of it?

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60 thoughts on “Why your bra is more than just a garment!

  1. Innerwear is way more important than outerwear. Sadly, most women don’t know this and compromise on the quality of innerwear they buy and wear.
    This post should not only help them think otherwise, but also help them make better choices.
    I personally love Zivame and shop for all my innerwear from them. Such a boon to do so, from teh privacy of your home.

    1. That’s so true. As a teenager I had no idea that there so many options available in innerwear depending on clothes and occasion. Now that I know, I never have enough. Zivame has a great collection and buying innerwear with them online is a pleasure always.

  2. A comfortable innerwear is imperative. Thankfully we have much better options like online shopping where we can shop for all out needs at one click. Their collection is really vast.

  3. Hi Varsh,

    It is vital to wear a comfortable innerwear. Personal hygenie begins with it. Choosing the right kind of innerwear to make you comfortable is very important. There are lot of online shops to choose from.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  4. I agree with you- our bras are the most essential items in our wardrobes! They can really be a mood lifter as well!

  5. I couldn’t agree more with you! A lot of women end up compromising on inner wear, not realising its importance. I’m sure your post will help them understand its importance and invest in a reliable brand like Zivame

  6. Indeed indeed! A good bra ensures not only a good fit and healthier posture, it gives a big boost to the self confidence. Nice tips!

  7. comfortable choice of inner wear is very crucial but women compromise on the quality of inner wear . Thankfully, online website has given lot of options for us to select the right bra based on dresses and occasion.

  8. Totally agree with you, a bra is very important in our wardrobe. I can’t survive if my bra isn’t comfortable enough.

  9. Can’t stress enough on wearing the right bra. By the time women realize this fact, it’s too late. I feel every daughter should be informed by her mother as she enters puberty.

  10. Agree with you. Bras have come a long way and it really makes a difference in many ways .They can change the way a woman looks and carries herself.

  11. True a bra in a girls life is that underdog clothing essential that can make or break her inner peace.. I prefer comfort more than design or anything else.

  12. Shopping for bra is stress relieving for me. With time I have understood many wrong assumptions I had while buying them. It instantly lifts my mood and self confidence also.

  13. Even my mom used to shop inner wears for me until I shopped for my marriage. And a right bra gives a woman more appeal and confidence. I usually prefers buying this from a physical store.

  14. I agree with you. Comfort and right fit is key to buying lingerie. Making a statement with different styles available is also why bra is no longer just a bra

  15. I absolutely agree buddy shopping online has opened soup so many avenues to choose a significant garment of ours to our hearts content.

  16. Yes, a right sized bra can give you comfort and confidence. Thanks for sharing such helpful tips which help in finding a right bra.

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