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Share your madness with me :-)

How many times have you had people say to you, “Are you mad?”? How many times have you wondered “I never knew I could be that silly!”? How many times have your friends poked fun at you and told you “What were you thinking?”?

Recollecting a whole bunch of such instances will surely put you in my ‘awesome’ list and not being able to come up with anything might be a wake-up call for you to try and shift from the borderline abnormalcy by doing something completely unlike you and be the crazy person you were meant to be! :mrgreen:

We all have some madness inside us but we spoil it by growing up or atleast convincing ourselves that we have to mature with age and give up on the cute little silly things that made us happy. 

Today I want you to share the funny things you still do that aren’t exactly conventional or normal but are fun for you nonetheless. Doesn’t matter if they are embarrassing or foolish. Who are we to judge each other anyway, right? 😉

Let’s begin with me. I love getting dressed in pretty clothes I have no intention of buying and taking selfies in the changing rooms. You will find loads of such photos in my phone. 😜

While A scoffs at me being well aware of my intention, I buy cartoon cds on the pretext of showing them to the kids and end up marathon-watching them myself. 😂

Also, sometimes I add extra spice to the tadka so I don’t have to share my Dal fry with the cannnot-handle-mirchi A. 😷😱 😛

I hope you are not shocked or think any less of me. We are what we are, why be conscious of it? Go ahead and share your madness with me. Would love to know! ☺

24 thoughts on “Share your madness with me :-)

  1. That sounds perfectly normal Varsh :p haha, reminded me of my sister who bought me gifts she loved only so that she could use them herself! Yes, it’s fun to have some craziness now and then. 😀

    1. Haha, that’s so cute (and practical ????).
      I somehow like doing something more when people say it is crazy to do it. Why stop ourselves, right?
      How’ve you been dear? Long time. ☺

  2. 🙂 good of you .. Excellent .. oh beleive me if i start to write about my stupid silly things you will have a laughing riot ..

    True True , one needs to do such for a laugh alwayssssssssssssss ….

    1. Please put me on a laughing riot. I don’t mind at all! In fact, when I was writing this post I was hoping you read it. ????
      Share some fun stuff with me. Would love that.

  3. From gobbling up goodies that are meant for my children when hunger strikes, watching cartoons, talking to my reflection in the mirror are some of what could qualify me for admission into your Silliness Club, Varsha!

    1. Oh God, are we those twins separated in the Kumbh Mela? I talk to my mirror reflection too. ????
      ‘Silliness Club’…I like that! The only entry criteria is to be originally goofy and being unapologetic for it. ????

      1. ????????????????separated at the Kumbh mela and found one another at WordPress ????
        Where eating my children’s treats are concerned I am totally and completely apologetic… just pretend to be????

          1. Okayish…at my home now. Got a lot of pending work done with Dad since I got here. Hogging and sleeping a lot. Dare not step on the weigh scale anytime soon. ????
            What about you? How’ve you been? Sorry I haven’t been on your blog recently.

          2. Enjoy your time and sleeping and hogging, officially that’s what holidays are about and for women like us a big YES
            All good here, V, we have our holidays in July and August so all going on per routine.
            You enjoy Mummy’s yummy food, eat some sweets for me too, I too won’t step on the scales????
            Love to Dad and Mom

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