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Who's your jug?

This isn’t a review (if it was one, it would probably set a record in procrastination), I mean; the movie has already touched the 100 cr mark. While numbers don’t interest me, it does go on to prove that our audience is now ready to accept mature and usually untouched topics.

The ones who have seen Dear Zindagi already know this, but the ones who haven’t, here’s a little heads up before I get to my point.

Shahrukh Khan is Jug, Alia Bhatt’s friendly and adorable therapist who doesn’t mind bending a few harmless rules while scrupulously maintaining his professional boundaries with his patients. His methods of slowly but surely letting her peel off one layer of her brash and unsettling exterior after another to uninhibitedly accept and move over her pent up emotions like insecurity of losing someone, jealousy, anger towards her parents etc are inspiring, to say the least.

What drives the point home, here, is the fact that they have a strictly platonic doctor-patient relationship that works beautifully in her favour. For fear of having to add any spoiler alert here, let’s leave it at this.

Can someone who knows us, say family, a friend, spouse or anyone we are close to, be our jug without carrying the baggage of our past? Doesn’t our equation with them have some bearing on what they feel about us or our lives? Can we pour the resentment in our heart out to people who are probably, in some way, responsible for it?

Shahrukh’s line in the movie, something like, “Romantic relationships shouldn’t have to bear the burden of too many expectations or relations.” is possibly one of the best I’ve heard in a long time. Does that mean we can have as many jugs as we have relationships too? Do we choose our jugs or someone just transforms into one with time?

Yes, I do have specific people I look up to for specific things. Someone I like to hang out with, someone I like to share recipes with, someone I like to have a heart-to-heart with, someone who I unabashedly vent out to, or someone I remember mostly when I’m in a soup, and so on. A may or may not feature in any of them, and I think it’s alright.

What do you think? Do you have a jug or many jugs in your life?

20 thoughts on “Who's your jug?

  1. Good afternoon!
    A wonderful and thoughtful write up, Varsha! Saw the movie and loved it (not to mention that I am a big Shah Rukh Khan fan, love his witty talks and cheeky humor, then his movies though). The ‘Jug’ in one’s life will be the person who will let you be You with all your inhibitions, your imperfections all included and you take that person as seriously as he/she takes you too!

    1. I’m not a Shahrukh fan, but yes I enjoy his wisecracks. He is always with a quote.
      Hmm, you said it right. Being accepted for what we are is indeed something we cannot expect from everyone. Tell me this though, can being associated with someone for a long time not affect this ‘jug’ angle? It might or it might not. Depends on the people too.

        1. Ideally it should, and I sincerely hope the association always works for the best. Life is longer and bigger than a movie though, right? Situations and people change with time and this factor cannot be discounted.

  2. A lovely movie, DZ. I loved alia’s acting. That girl in her petit frame portrays tons of emotions with so much ease.
    I don’t know if we all have jugs in our lives to help us out of our turmoil. But when some one gives a patient ear to all our pent up flow of thoughts , makes us feel much better. It’s always good to share your feelings with one such confidant.

    1. I loved Alia too. Although I’m an incorrigible movie-crier, I feel this time I cried more for her real portrayal of an emotionally messed up girl.
      The age we are in Radhi, I think we have had a fair share and experience of making and losing friends/relations in our lives. I honestly wonder how healthy it is for our own sake to make someone our jug and then being stabbed in the back by them. Such things can happen too right?

  3. Omg, they can…..but genuinely hope that it doesn’t happen to anyone. Then such a person can turn out to be an emotional wreck. Actually the first question I asked my husband on coming out of the theatre is , why is it only in movies they find a person to bail them out of their emotional mess. Be it TZP, ZNMD or now DZ. I have hardly heard such instances in real life????

    1. Exactly. It all looks so glamourous, right and unreal on screen but in reality things like that hardly ever happen. Guess a 2 or 3 hour movie cannot come close to the injustice our entire lives can be put through.
      Such instances leave people with a bitter aftertaste. One example is me. Jug or no jug, we have to learn to sort out ourselves on our own.

  4. Beautifully movie. Alia is doing better and better with each of her movie. And khan is king. And personally, it’s confusing. You read something motivational and feel better, make committments and every night, those thoughts return to you.
    P. S- the post was beautifully written.

    1. Alia is amongst the few recent ones who can carry roles older than their age convincingly, and is gorgeous! I like her. Not much of a Khan fan myself, but this is one of his roles I loved after Chak De India.
      I’ve been there, fighting with the night demons and agree that it is difficult. One thing we can do is to commit to ourselves to is the fa t that our present and future matter more.
      Thank you so much for reading and liking my post, Pranay. ☺

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