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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ H2O



Its touch leaves an imprint upon us

Which fades away with time

What stays behind are memories

An experience; unforgettable, sublime

71 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ H2O

          1. Yaar dishoom kar koi karta hai…lifebuoy…dettol…pepsodent…colgate….bas gaane alag bana dete hain… ???????? Even my girl loves the dettol ad. ????????????
            True….pollution is everywhere…!

          2. I feel these ad people have more creativity than filmmakers. Even the Surf excel ad….its very catchy…daag acche hain ????????????????

          1. ???????????????????????? I lifted till 5 kg…not after that. ????????????
            Push-ups are a bit tough for me…but I think I went till 100. ????????

        1. Regular readers! ???? Thankfully this is a public forum. If this had been private I wonder what else these people would say…me included. ????????????????
          Wish you and your family a very Happy Dasera too! Have a wonderful day..and congratulations for your blog! Do ask Wp why it plays hide and seek with you. ????????

          1. Yes…went for kids’ Diwali shopping. Bought games and clothes for them…so both are super happy. ????????
            I too somehow feel lazy to write…though I do write…but the posts are shorter. Diwali rush has already begun somehow…so time is difficult to take out.

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