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  1. Someone posted a photograph ???????????? btw, how did you add watermark?

    1. Haha…ya….MS Paint…simple. ☺

      1. Oh ???????? I dint know how to add watermark ????????????

        1. It is easy to copy paste and use the images otherwise na…this way too people can…but still… ☺

          1. Hmm yes. ????

  2. And it is necessary to live tooo????????

    1. Yes. Always. ☺☺

    2. Oxygen too. Without oxygen no water ????

      1. Hydrogen….oxygen…carbon dioxide…sab needed

        1. I am talking about pure water, not drain water ????????????

          1. Madam..pure water mein bhi hydrogen rahega na ????????????

          2. Carbon dioxide bhi? Keetanu bhi honge Na. Now don’t say use pepsodent ????????

          3. ???????????????? Paani mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai…India mein atleast..????????????
            Par ye pepsodent kahan se aaya??

          4. Kitanu ka dishoom dishoom pepsodent hi karta hai na ????????????
            Everywhere it’s the same, not just India. Pollution!!!!!

          5. Yaar dishoom kar koi karta hai…lifebuoy…dettol…pepsodent…colgate….bas gaane alag bana dete hain… ???????? Even my girl loves the dettol ad. ????????????
            True….pollution is everywhere…!

          6. There was a time when dettol dettol ho song was playing in my mind in a loop. I really don’t know why!!! I stopped watching TV for few days so that it goes off my mind . ????????

          7. Same here… ????????????????????

          8. ????????????????

          9. I feel these ad people have more creativity than filmmakers. Even the Surf excel ad….its very catchy…daag acche hain ????????????????

          10. They can atleast try making some film songs ya. Film songs these days are horrible. You remember the one from kya super kool hai hum? Dil garden garden ho Gaya ????????????????
            I wonder if they spray pesticides often in that garden ????

          11. ???????????????????? Who will think of pesticides when they are busy with naughty bhavras and innocent kalis. ????????????

          12. ????????????????

          13. What are you doing…me just finished tidying up the house and setting up the new stuff we got for the kids…

          14. I am going shopping ???????? ????????????????
            Just posted something, doing timepass on comment section now.

          15. I just saw your post in the reader…coming over ????????

          16. Welcome. Sorry, bhelcome bhelcome ????????

          17. Bherry bherry thanku ????????????????

          18. Grrr you. I deleted that comment too ????????

          19. Why re ????????????

          20. Because ppl ll start unnecessary conversation there ????

          21. ???????????????????? Like us? Or worse than us?? ????????????????

          22. Worse than ????????????

      2. Water can provide oxygen tooo

        1. Oxygen also can provide water ????????

          1. Yes..It can..

          2. Toh oxygen se water ya water se oxygen? ????

          3. Now u asking complicated questions

          4. Chemistry teacher ki yaad dila Rahi hu. ????????

          5. Oh no.. if we did something wrong it was frog jumps .. or push ups as punishments. .

          6. Even now you do frog jumps?????????????

          7. U never know Mr. Hari mohan sharma might just come ..and say “you idiot number one.. see me after lunch”

            And see me.. meant dooms day…

          8. Who is Hari Mohan Sharma????????? Actually see me after lunch is better. Hari ki tummy full, tummy full toh neend aati hai. He would prefer to take a nap than believe in your dooms day isn’t it?????????

          9. Na it did not happen.. see me after lunch meant frog jumps. . Or become a murga..

            He was my teacher..????????

          10. I was a very good girl while in school. I still am I guess ????????????

          11. ???????????????? Hope he doesn’t come in your sleep and say Bikram. ????????????

          12. I did in the gym. Loved doing it! ????????????????????????

          13. ????????????
            I used to force my parents to play frog jump with me when I was a kid ???????????????? be careful Varsh ????

          14. No I don’t mind really. We did frog jumps with 5 kg plates and I was the one who finished 20 fastest. ????????????????????

          15. ????????????????????????????????????
            I can do hundrd push-ups but not 10jumps. The heaviest dumb-bell I ever lifted was 1kg ???????????????? I find that also heavy ????????????

          16. ???????????????????????? I lifted till 5 kg…not after that. ????????????
            Push-ups are a bit tough for me…but I think I went till 100. ????????

          17. My chemistry teacher will be happy I can remeber all this. .still…

          18. Good boy ????????????

          19. Thank you thank you. . Not many wil say that.. ????????????

          20. Ohh is it…. Good boy Bikram. ????

          21. People never forget chemistry. Bookish or otherwise. ????????????????????

          22. Really .. well I am exception then.. ????.. I forgotten everything. ..

          23. No you haven’t….oxygen yaad aa gaya na…. ????????????????

  3. ????????

    1. What happened Parijat?

      1. just smiled after reading interesting comments from your regular readers ???????? Happy Dussehra ????. Got my blog site back as gift from wordpress today ????

        1. Regular readers! ???? Thankfully this is a public forum. If this had been private I wonder what else these people would say…me included. ????????????????
          Wish you and your family a very Happy Dasera too! Have a wonderful day..and congratulations for your blog! Do ask Wp why it plays hide and seek with you. ????????

          1. true ????

          2. Thanks a lot. I hope you all had a great day too.
            These days i enjoy reading and commenting more than writing ????

          3. Yes…went for kids’ Diwali shopping. Bought games and clothes for them…so both are super happy. ????????
            I too somehow feel lazy to write…though I do write…but the posts are shorter. Diwali rush has already begun somehow…so time is difficult to take out.

  4. rahiman paani raakhiye bin paani sab soon…????

    1. Bilkul sahi kaha! ☺☺

      1. ????

  5. Lovely response for the prompt!

    1. Thank you! ☺☺

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