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Voyage of self-discovery

I liked reading Eat Pray Love, although I wouldn’t go as far as calling it my favourite book. I liked the movie better, but then it had the lovely Julia Roberts so I might be faintly biased.

While the whole voyage of self-discovery is probably something any person would want to and should take up at some or the other juncture in his life, I disagree with the author on some levels.

Financial concerns can dampen the most well-meaning trips, and the fact that the author was commissioned to write this book before she set out for this work-vacation is made of stuff imaginary genies are created for! Where my magic lamp is hiding, I wonder!

Not just in this book but in general, they call it the land of snake charmers but India is where foreigners come to when they have to unscrew their screwed up lives. The number of shots to be taken before they set foot in the country bothers them, while the mental catastrophe their developed nations have imparted is conveniently forgotten.

Some lines in the book make a lot of sense though; like this one. My conditioned-to-diet mind and tongue couldn’t agree with it more. The pleasure is momentary, but the niggling guilt overrides it completely.


My take aways from the book:

Others’ opinion about you should never consume you or your existence.

Self-loathing of any kind is unnecessary and is often about matters no one apart from us is concerned about.

If possible, try not making your life so chaotic that no one less than a professional can help.

Loving and being loved are organic feelings and must be allowed to flow freely.

We have one life to live, make mistakes and learn from. Why stop ourselves then?

The perfect woman is a myth and can take away what you truly are from you.

Finally, open your arms and welcome what life has in store for you. You might be pleasantly surprised with what you get! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Voyage of self-discovery

        1. That’s alright. ???? We end up relating our lives with characters and have our own point of view to add too right? They are like a culmination of both. ????

      1. Will look for this book. Books do help make sense of things. Although problem solving involves much more than bookish knowledge, quotes,blogs etc and there one’s inner strengths are suitably tested ☺☺

        1. One can only suggest. Putting yourselves through any kind of tests is completely upto you. I simply so what I want and make changes only if I feel like.

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