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Television Tales

In my case, I also blog or cook, or blog about cooking or cook thinking about my blog. 😂😂😂

36 thoughts on “Television Tales

    1. It is so boring yaar…Hindi ones have all nagins and bhoots nowadays…English ones the kids don’t want to see. Apart from cartoons or songs there’s no choice. ????

          1. Let us create an impressive serious back story. They will fall for it. If they can go with Gandhigiri and all…this is still English. ????????

          2. Yes. You forward them your post. ???????? Then if they don’t agree we will all fast. (We does not include me) I am slow not fast you see. ????????????
            Even maakad is written in English but it means monkey isn’t it. Everything that is written in English is English?????????

          3. ???????????????? Then they can learn dharna and uposhan too na! ????????
            I will forward the see I believe on giving credit where its due. Fasting mat yaad dila yaar. I have a navratri fast from Monday. ????

          4. Tomorrow is what they say ‘ghat baithna’. The navratri days start from the next day. Sure tell me…but is it ok to go to whatsapp for now?

    1. Really! Music channels have reality shows or commercials. Songs are somewhere fitted between them, for the sake of it. Serials are a big waste. Sometimes I think bloggers have more imagination! ????????????

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