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  1. Haha, good one and same pinch. Not much of a television person 😉

    1. It is so boring yaar…Hindi ones have all nagins and bhoots nowadays…English ones the kids don’t want to see. Apart from cartoons or songs there’s no choice. ????

  2. I’m not a TV person either. But love watching food shows. So much colour, variety and techniques!

    1. Oh yes..I love them too. I involve my son and ask him what he’ll like to eat. That way he lets me watch peacefully too. ????

      1. Good idea. I did that till my son started asking me to make them all and couldn’t understand why I’m not masterchef!

        1. ???????????????? Thanks for the lesson learnt. Now I know which programs to avoid. ????????????

          1. Lol.

          2. Lol. ????????????

  3. So you end up cooking your phone and writing on vegetables????????????? Cooking + blogging is known as blocking or clogging.????????????????????

    1. ???????????????? Someday when I’m torn between what to do I will do that! ????????????????????
      Shouldn’t it be blooking? ????????????

      1. Blooking and cooging. ???????? It’s like we are conversing in some aboriginal language, jinga la la hu hu. ????????

        1. ???????????????????? Who knows it might get caught up. Shall we get them patented? ????????????????????

          1. The Oxford dictionary people will faint if they even see what we are trying to patent ????????????

          2. Let us create an impressive serious back story. They will fall for it. If they can go with Gandhigiri and all…this is still English. ????????

          3. Yes. You forward them your post. ???????? Then if they don’t agree we will all fast. (We does not include me) I am slow not fast you see. ????????????
            Even maakad is written in English but it means monkey isn’t it. Everything that is written in English is English?????????

          4. ???????????????? Then they can learn dharna and uposhan too na! ????????
            I will forward the see I believe on giving credit where its due. Fasting mat yaad dila yaar. I have a navratri fast from Monday. ????

          5. Isn’t Navaratri from tomorrow? Can I tell you a story about fasting? As to why people fast.

          6. Tomorrow is what they say ‘ghat baithna’. The navratri days start from the next day. Sure tell me…but is it ok to go to whatsapp for now?

          7. Ok, I ll tell u the story on WhatsApp. Only this time I am agreeing to WhatsApp ok ????

          8. Ahhh…that is soo very generous of you. How can I ever make it up to you for this? ????????????

          9. I don’t use makeup ????????????

          10. Is it something that you just made up? ????????????

          11. Yes. ???????? I replied for your mind jam comment on Radhika’s post. It is not there now. May be it’s in spam box. ????

          12. ????????????????????????????????

  4. True. TV is a waste of time these days 🙂

    1. Really! Music channels have reality shows or commercials. Songs are somewhere fitted between them, for the sake of it. Serials are a big waste. Sometimes I think bloggers have more imagination! ????????????

      1. Very True 🙂

        1. ????????

  5. me too..varsh, did you think, why had you switched it then..

    1. Needed an excuse to blog…? ???? or the husband nags about my blogging too much! ????????

      1. ha ha.. i have a different reason, i just want that tv noise behind..

        1. Same with my husband. He hardly watches but says the noise is a little comforting when lonely. That’s a different and totally acceptable thing. ☺

          1. agree with him…and so that if you ask some dialogues, i can clearly trace it without watching it, but i become numb on the visuals..

          2. Hmm…I understand. This happens with me for commercials. But yes, being a couch potato is something I can never do.

          3. true.. todays kids are easily distracted by these media

          4. Hmm. For us they are a put-off really. Too much noise and no interesting content.

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